My Husband Warm the Bed- 1254

Stanley hurriedly explained, “Sir, I’ve sent three of my best men to protect Mrs. Kyle. If something unusual happens around her, or someone wants to hurt her, my men will never allow it.

With Stanley’s men around, Jayden was not worried about Silvia’s safety. What he was worried about were other matters… “I’m talking about other things, apart from safety issues.”

“Sir, all the teachers and students in University A know that she’s your wife. No one would dare to hit on her. Being an uncouth man, it was considered a great progress for Stanley to be able to think of this when Jayden did not explain it


“Did anything happen in the university? Especially regarding Felix Xavier?” At times, Jayden would feel exasperated by Stanley who was slow on the draw.

However, Stanley was not without merits. Although he was not great in figuring out Jayden’s thoughts, he was absolutely loyal to Jayden Jayden was never worried of being betrayed by him.

Stanley knew what was going on when Felix was mentioned. “Sir, there has been rumors about him spreading in University A recently.”

Upon hearing that, Jayden’s brows were even more tightly knitted. “Rumors?

What kind of rumors?”

“There have been talks saying that Felix was forced to leave Madison City Nothing was mentioned about his death replied Stanley.

Jayden said angrily, “Stanley, are you becoming a fool? Aren’t you going to report such a serious issue to me if I don’t ask you about it?”

“Sir, I.” Stanley wiped his cold sweat and said, “I thought that since he’s dead,

rumors about him didn’t matter anymore, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

“B*stard!” Jayden clenched his fists and punched the leather chair beside him. “Find out where the news came from! I need to know the answer before night falls.

Stanley nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, yes… I’ll send someone to check it out right away and give you an answer by dusk!”

Jayden added, “From today onward, send people to keep an eye on University

A. Report it to me immediately if there’s anything. Keep it in mind that anything

about Silvia is a big deal.”

“I understand, Sir. Before Stanley finished speaking, Jayden had already hung up on him. Hearing the busy tone from the phone, Stanley went weak in the knees and slumped into the sofa.

One of Stanley’s men saw his strange expression and rushed over quickly. “Mr. Pierson, what’s wrong?

“Inform our men to keep a close watch on things happening around University

A. If anything. Forget it, I’ll go personally. need to handle this myself. Then,

Stanley waved a hand and ordered his men to leave.

His master had emphasized that everything regarding his wife was a big deal. He couldn’t be sloppy in this matter and couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. Otherwise, there would only be impending doom.

It was getting windy and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees. Winter had arrived in Madison City

When Silvia got out of the car, a cold gale blew over. She wrapped her coat tightly. She was glad that she had expected that and had worn thicker clothes.

She turned to say to the chauffeur, Terry Fuller, “Uncle Fuller, thank you for the ride. The weather is getting cold, you should go back and rest. I’ll take a taxi back in the evening. You don’t have to pick me up.”

Terry smiled and said, “Miss Turner, Master Jayden has ordered me to drive you before he left the house. Since he’s paying for my salary, I have to make sure to do my job. So, don’t go anywhere when you’re done, I will pick you up on time. Silvia felt bad to trouble the elderly Terry given the cold weather. But since he insisted, she had no choice. “Okay then. Sorry for the trouble, Uncle Fuller.”

“No problem. Get going then, Miss Turner. I’ll be leaving too,’ replied Terry. “Okay” Silvia nodded. As soon as she turned around, she saw Reagan and Lemur running toward her. They came to her side and said, “Boss, why are you so early today?”

*I couldn’t sleep much last night and I got up early. So, I came early just to experience the feeling of arriving early at school.” Felix was famous in school for being a role model. He would always arrive at school early and had never left early. Silvia wanted to experience his way of life for once.

Reagan and Lemur exchanged a look with each other. Then, Reagan asked, “Boss, did you have insomnia because of Felix’s matter?’

“As long as the murderer who killed Felix is not found, I won’t be able to find peace in my heart.” She would only feel better once the murderer was brought to justice

Reagan added, “Boss, we’ve gotten two more pictures of Felix. Do you want to

have a look at them?”

“Do you still need to ask? Of course I want to look at the photos!” Silvia raised her hand and patted on Reagan’s shoulder. “Listen, you two have to tell me everything that you know. Don’t ever hide anything from me.”

Reagan and Lemur nodded vigorously.

“Show me the photos, Silvia said again.

Reagan quickly handed a photo over to Silvia. In the photo, Felix was not only covered in blood, his limbs were distorted, as if his bones had been twisted.

Just looking at the photo, Silvia could feel a searing pain in her heart. The pain

was so intense that she couldn’t breathe for a moment.

After a long time, she finally spoke, Reagan, how did get these photos?” Reagan replied honestly, “They were delivered to my house

“Do you know who sent it? Silvia continued to ask

Reagan replied, “The delivery man just passed me an envelope without even asking for my signature. He left hurriedly before I could see his face clearly”

“Who is it? Who is it? How could the person be so cruel to Felix? Why? Why?” Silvia shouted hysterically. She couldn’t think of anyone who would want to hurt Felix

Felix was only a university student. Besides his family, the only people he would normally come in contact with were his teachers and fellow students from the university. Silvia couldn’t fathom who on earth would have such a deep hatred

for him

“Boss, there is another photo, but I don’t know whether I should show it to you” Reagan and Lemur hesitated for a long time.

Silvia replied hurriedly, “Whatever photo it is, give it to me. Don’t keep it to yourselves.”

Reagan took out another photo and handed it to Silvia. “Boss, judging from this photo, Felix is unlikely to be dead. He might still be alive.”

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