My Husband Warm the Bed- 1256

“I really want to tell him that the woman he has been longing for has already been with another man. She has already become someone else’s wife. She is no longer his Silvia, but… Alina took a deep breath, and there was suddenly a hint of sadness in her voice. “But I can’t bring myself to do that. I am afraid that he will break down when he hears that you have moved on to another man. I am afraid that he’ll never stand up again after this setback.”

Silvia did not know what to say

She could not refute Alina’s accusation. Indeed, she was the one who had betrayed the pure love between them. She had nothing to say

Alina continued berating her, “Silvia, you can never imagine what he has gone through when the doctor announced that he could not be cured. It was a miracle that he managed to survive the darkest time of his life!”

Silvia dared not imagine how dangerous Felix’s condition was at that time. Every time she thought of it, she felt as if a needle was stabbing her in the heart.

She blamed herself for not being by Felix’s side at that crucial moment. If she had known everything, she would be with Felix, and he would probably feel better.

Alina continued, “Although I’m reluctant to admit it, he had escaped from the jaws of death because of you. When Felix was awake, he kept telling me that he had promised to be with you forever and that he would not break his promise Otherwise, you would not forgive him. He was dying but all he thought about

was you..

Silvia bit her lip fiercely and said, “I know. I know everything.”

She knew that she was the person whom Felix was most worried about However, after failing to find him after his disappearance, she had selfishly thought that Felix had abandoned her and left her alone. She had never considered that Felix couldn’t stay with her due to other reasons.

“You know? What the hell do you know? You don’t f*cking know anything!” Alina laughed coldly, “Silvia, what you know is to seduce other men. Even if it is only for a moment, have you ever thought about Felix, who almost lost his life because of you?

Silvia was at a loss for words because what Alina said was all true. Ever since

she met Jayden, the number of times that she had dreamed of Felix had reduced. She had also thought of him less.

Silvia’s silence indicated that Alina was right. Knowing that she had hit the sore spot, Alina said arrogantly, “Silvia, I think I don’t have to remind you about the shameless things you have done. Just ask yourself, do you really care for


Alina’s words were like a sharp knife, stabbing into Silvia’s heart. She was in so much pain that she broke out in cold sweat. However, she felt that the pain was nothing compared to what Felix had suffered.

Silvia lowered her head, pinched herself hard and said, “Yes, I’ve done him wrong. Can you tell me where he is? I want to see him. I want to take care of him so that he can get better soon. As long as he can get better, I am willing to accept any punishment from him.”

Her only hope was that Felix was safe and sound. As long as he could recover, she was willing to do anything.

“Huh!” Alina sneered. “Silvia, the person he was thinking about on the operating table was you. When he couldn’t get out of bed, you were also the one he was thinking about… Because he missed you so much, his condition was getting worse day by day. I asked him to give you a call so that you could come and see him. Do you know what he told me?

Silvia opened her mouth but could not make a sound. She could guess that Felix, who had always loved her and doted on her, must be afraid of her being worried, so he did not let her know.

Alina said again, “He said that you would be worried about him if you see him in such a bad state. He would rather suffer alone and look for you after his condition gets better. With that, you wouldn’t know how much he has suffered and wouldn’t get upset by it.”

Silvia couldn’t help trembling when Alina spoke what was on her mind. Feeling a piercing sense of guilt, she could not even lift her head, Silvia realized that Felix was still the same person after all these years. Silvia was the one who had

changed… She did not believe in Felix anymore and fell in love with Jayden.

In Silvia’s opinion, Felix was not in the wrong, neither was Jayden. She was the one to be blamed. She was just a sl*t who broke her promise.

Felix had no reason to care for a woman like her.

Silvia felt that she did not deserve his love. Despite all of that, Felix was still looking out for her. Why was he so foolish? she


Thinking of this, Silvia’s heart bled for Felix.

Regardless of whether Silvia could still hear it or not, Alina kept on talking, “Come to think of it, it’s really a joke. Felix had always cared for you, not knowing that you’re with another man now. I can’t imagine what will happen if he knows the truth. Will he ever get up again?”

Silvia was speechless.

She always knew that Felix was kind to her. Since she was a child, Felix had always loved her. He had never let her suffer any grievance. She recalled that whenever she had fallen over as a child, Felix would be more anxious than her,

as if he was the one in pain.

Felix treated her so well, but Silvia had betrayed their relationship.

Silvia, in fact, know that I shouldn’t tell you all of these, but I just cant stand seeing you living a good life. Felix was hurt because of you. And here you are, living happily with the person who hurt him.”B

Finally, Silvia noticed the words Alina had been uttering all the while. “What do you mean that it was because of me? What’s this nonsense about me living happily with the person who hurt him? Alina, what do you mean?”

Throughout the conversation, Alina had been emphasizing that the reason Felix was injured was Silvia, but Silvia ignored it repeatedly. This time, Silvia finally took the bait and Alina knew that her opportunity had come. “Silvia, don’t tell me that you don’t know Felix’s injury was caused by Young Master Kyle?” a

“Stop bullsh*tting, Alina! When Felix disappeared, we did not even know who Jayden was! How could he possibly do that to Felix?” Silvia’s initial response was to defend Jayden. She did not believe that Jayden would do harm to Felix.

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