My Husband Warm the Bed- 1257

“You are right. When Felix disappeared, you had yet to know Jayden, but Jayden knew about you and Felix” Alina said calmly while keeping Silvia on her toes.

“Alina, I’m grateful you’re telling me that Felix is still alive, but I will definitely not allow you to slander Jayden because of that!” According to Silvia’s understanding of Jayden, he was not a vicious person. However, Silvia still could not come out with a valid reason to defend him.

Just as Silvia paused, Alina continued, “I know you are a smart person, Silvia.

Are you playing dumb with me now?”

Silvia clenched her fists, gritted her teeth and replied in anger, “Alina, I just want to know where Felix is. I’m not in the mood to fool around with you.”

“I’d like to ask you, Silvia. Do you really not believe that Jayden was the one who hurt Felix? Or are you blindly defending him just because he’s your husband, and not care about the man who protected you with his life?” Alina knew exactly how to hit Silvia’s weak spot.

“Stop this nonsense, Alinal” Silvia had never thought of defending Jayden blindly. She only believed that Jayden was not involved in hurting Felix

If it turned out that Jayden was indeed the culprit, she would still seek justice

for Felix. She would not let go of anyone who had made Felix suffer.

“I don’t expect you to believe what I said, but it’s none of my business whether you believe it or not. Alina smiled and continued, “Silvia, I won’t find it strange even if you don’t believe that Felix is still alive. After all, you’re no longer the Silvia that Felix was thinking about while he was in surgery! You’ve changed, and it’s just that he doesn’t know it.”

“Alina, just tell me where Felix is.” After such a long conversation, Silvia gradually figured out Alina’s scheme. Alina was just trying to frame Jayden and condemn Silvia

As long as she didn’t fall for her trap, Alina’s plot wouldn’t succeed.

“I’ve told you so much, but you still don’t get what I mean?” Alina asked her.

Silvia was confused, “What are you trying to say?”

Alina pretended to be disappointed and said, “Even if you don’t believe what I said today, I have to remind you. If you still have any feelings for Felix, keep everything that you’ve heard today to yourself. You must not tell anyone that

Felix is still alive, especially Jayden.”

As expected, Alina wouldn’t stop slandering Jayden. Silvia chose not to believe her. “Alina, stop saying that Jayden is the culprit. No matter what you say, I won’t believe it. If you really care for Felix, tell me where he is:

“I’ve already made it clear to you. I’ll never tell you where Felix is, so don’t bother looking into it. If the news of him being alive is leaked and your man finds out, Felix will definitely be in trouble. If you still want Felix to live a good life, then pretend that you don’t know anything. This will be the greatest help to Felix.

“Can you let me talk to him on the phone then? Let me listen to his voice.” Although she couldn’t see Felix, Silvia would feel more at ease if she could listen to his voice, ensuring that he was alive.

However, Alina would not reveal anything. Before Felix could come up with a plan to deal with Jayden, he could not expose himself and let Jayden know that he was still alive. Otherwise, he might really lose his life this time around!

“It’s up to you believe it or not. Anyway, I’ve told you everything that I can say In short, if you want Felix to live well, don’t tell anyone that he’s still alive. Also, you’d better not try to find him. Otherwise, if your man finds out that Felix is still alive, they might go after him. If those people find him again, I’m afraid that he’ll not be so lucky this time.”

“Alina, do you have a personal grudge against Jayden?” It was a fact that Alina

had always disliked Silvia. Hence, it was possible that Alina accused Jayden because she was jealous of Silvia However, Alina didn’t sound like she was “If you don’t believe me, you can go back and sound Jayden out and see if he knows about Felix’s death.” Alina reminded her again, “Silvia, remember every


word I said to you. Your actions are related to the life and death of Felix. If you

act recklessly, he may lose his life because of you. I hope you know what is the

best thing to do.”

Alina spoke confidently. It did not sound like she was trying to frame Jayden. Silvia couldn’t help wondering what was the secret behind everything that had happened.

“Alina, I don’t know why you are trying to slander Jayden, but I believe it’s not him. He has no motive to murder Felix at all” Silvia had no intention to explain to Alina at first, but she couldn’t let Jayden take the fall for crimes he didn’t commit.

“He has no motive?” Upon hearing this, Alina suddenly burst into laughter. Her

laughter was so exaggerated as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world. “Silvia, are you again trying to act dumb? Let me enlighten you. His motive to commit the crime is none other than you!”

“Me?” Silvia felt as if something sharp had pierced through her heart. Another wave of uneasiness spread through her body. “Was it really because of me?” she wondered.

Silvia, if Felix hadn’t disappeared, would you fall for Jayden?” Without waiting for Silvia’s reply, Alina continued saying, “Although you’re such a b*tch, still think you still have a conscience. You wouldn’t have fallen in love with another man if Felix was still alive, would you? Jayden wanted to have you, so he could only do such a cruel thing out of desperation. Once Felix vanished from your world, wouldn’t it be easier for Jayden to pursue you? Don’t you think my analysis makes sense?”

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