My Husband Warm the Bed- 1258

“Are you saying that the mighty Young Master Kyle has already known Felix and I before we even knew him? He even fell in love with me, and in order to have me, he tried to break up my relationship with Felix. Silvia finally understood what Alina was trying to say. “Huh! Alina, do you think we are acting in a TV drama?”

Alina said slowly, “I don’t care what you think about it. I can’t interfere. After all, I’m just a bystander, you should know better than me.

“Let’s put other things aside. I am an extremely ordinary girl. Why would the mighty Young Master of the Kyle family take a fancy to me? Not only did he like me, he was even willing to kill someone to get me? What did he see in me that warrant such a huge effort?” Silvia tried hard to explain. She was trying to persuade Alina, but her heart began to waver. In any case, the way she got together with Jayden was indeed dramatic.

As an influential man in Madison City, everything regarding Mr. Kyle’s family had been a mystery and seemed unattainable. Silvia was just an ordinary university student. She would never have thought that she would have anything to do with

the legendary Mr. Kyle’s son

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that Jayden could have fallen in love with her. He even married her after just meeting her for a few days!

Therefore, Silvia was still unsure of how long Jayden’s feelings for her would last. Sometimes she even felt that everything was just a dream. When she woke up from the dream, everything she had now would disappear.

“In my eyes, you are indeed an ordinary girl. You only deserve a sholes like Mr. Donald. I can’t fathom why the mighty Young Master Kyle and Felix would like someone like you.” Alina couldn’t help feeling angry every time she thought of this. She always felt that she deserved everything Silvia owned now.

Silvia did not respond.

“At present, still don’t know the reason Young Master Kyle had chosen you among other girls, but it doesn’t matter. There should be an answer soon. Miss Turner, I will call you again when the time comes added Alina.

Silvia replied, “I will wait for your call.’

“I will provide conclusive evidence to prove that your man is the culprit.

“I will also hand over the evidence to prove that he is not… Before Silvia could finish, Alina had hung up on her.

Reagan came to Silvia’s right away. “Boss, what did Alina say?”

“Nothing.. Silvia handed the phone back to Reagan. All of a sudden, she felt completely drained. Her body went weak and she stumbled backward. Fortunately, Reagan and Lemur responded quickly and grabbed her in time.

Lemur said with a worried look on his face, “Boss, no matter what Alina said to you, it was just one side of the story. Before there is any conclusive evidence, we shouldn’t trust her easily.”

After pulling herself together, Silvia said, “Lemur, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Although she said that she was fine, she was still in a daze, not being able to make out where she was.

During this period of time, all news that she had heard about Felix was tied to a big shot in Madison City. She had never thought that it would be Jayden. Therefore, learning that it had something to do with Jayden from Alina was indeed a huge blow for Silvia

Jayden had only appeared in her life a long time after Felix’s disappearance. The possibility that a superior Young Master like him killing Felix just to get her

was ludicrous.

Therefore, Silvia was convinced that it couldn’t be the truth. She believed that Jayden was not a person who would commit such a heinous crime.

However, as much as Silvia denied the possibility of Jayden being the murderer, another voice deep in her heart kept telling her to investigate this matter. Only then could she prove Jayden’s innocence.

“Boss, let’s take you to the infirmary first.” Seeing Silvia’s pale face, Reagan and Lemur were worried. They held her tightly on both sides.

“I’m fine. Silvia took a deep breath and told herself that she was really fine. She

could not let anything happen to her at this time. However, she couldn’t stop

herself from thinking about the conversation with Alina

On this day, Silvia could not pay attention to the classes at all. She had even forgotten what classes that she had attended.

On the way home, after careful consideration, Silvia gave Jayden a call, “Jayden, since you are not home, I’ll stay with my mother for two nights.” “Okay, I’ll ask Uncle Fuller to send you there,” Jayden agreed without second thoughts.

Silvia murmured his name, “Jayden.”

“Hmm?” he replied gently.

Silvia paused for a moment, and asked, “When did you start to like me?”

“Silly girl, what’s wrong?

“Just answer me. I just want to know when you started liking me. What do you

like about me?”

“Well, I don’t know when exactly did it happen, nor do I know what I like about you. He was telling the truth. However, he clearly knew why he had wanted her by his side, but he must not let her know.



“Take care of yourself!

“I will

“Til hang up then. You can continue with your work

“Silvia, is there something on your mind?” From the moment she called him and told him that she was going to stay with her mother, Jayden could tell that something was wrong. He had waited for her to take the initiative and tell him. However, seeing that she had no intention to do so, Jayden couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh nothing. It’s just that with you not around, I’d feel bored having nothing to do at home” In fact, she really wished Jayden to be by her side now. Even if they did nothing, she would feel safe just by laying in his arms. “Silly girl. Go back to your mother then. Let her accompany you for two nights

on behalf of me,” said Jayden in a deep and sexy voice,

“She’s my mom, and you’re my husband. You both have your own roles and functions. It’s irreplaceable. Forget it. I’m hanging up, Jayden” Silvia was afraid that if she kept on talking, she would act on impulse and fly back to wherever he was.

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