My Husband Warm the Bed- 1259

Silvia hung up the phone swiftly. Jayden, who was on the other end of the line, heard the beeping tone and raised his eyebrows. He immediately dialed Stanley’s number and asked, “How’s your investigation going?”

Stanley had already called Jayden a few minutes ago. However, Jayden was talking to Silvia on his personal phone and had switched his work phone to silent mode. Thus, he had missed the call from Stanley

Just as Stanley was about to call again, his phone rang. He answered the phone in a hurry, “Sir, I’ve already investigated the matter. Rumors about Felix being driven away by a big shot in Madison City started spreading in the university lately Since you’re the only big shot in Madison City, I think Mrs. Kyle would have thought of you as well

Jayden had been suppressing the information regarding the real reason for Felix’s disappearance. After such a long time, someone was spreading word about it again. Jayden pondered, “Who could this person be?”

After all, there were very few people who knew about it. Who on earth was the

one who slipped through the net?

The Xavier family that knew about the truth had already migrated under Jayden’s arrangements and had no contact with Silvia. Therefore, it was definitely not them who leaked it

“Who started the rumors?” asked Jayden

Stanley replied, “Someone found a letter in University A’s library. It was written by Felix a few months ago. The content was saying that he was in danger and someone wanted him to leave Madison City

“A letter written by Felix?” Jayden rubbed his forehead and was in deep thoughts for a moment. Then, something struck him. “Stanley, think of a way to get your hands on that letter, and identify whether it was really personally written by Felix. Check if it was written before the incident.

“Sir, I thought the same way. Unfortunately, the student who took the letter had accidentally thrown it away. Now it’s gone, so I can’t confirm if it’s written by Felix.”

Jayden asked, “What about the student who found the letter?”

“I had sent someone to check his background. He had nothing to do with Felix

before. He was just an outsider who happened to find that letter.

“You mean it’s just a coincidence? Jayden was feeling doubtful. “Sir, it’s a fact that Felix Xavier is dead and Mrs. Kyles is yours. There’s really no need for us to be so cautious over a dead person.” In Stanley’s eyes, Felix was

no match for Jayden at all!

Felix was just an ordinary university student. His family business could not hold a candle to Jayden’s company!

Stanley had always believed that destroying Felix was easier than killing an ant. He felt there was no need for Jayden to be on tenterhooks.

Stanley was a person who would only solve problems with violence. He had

never thought that Jayden was not worried about Felix, but about Silvia Silvia was the person Jayden concerned about the most. He did not want her to

find out the truth

“Shut up!” Jayden shouted angrily

Stanley kept

Jayden continued, “Order your men to investigate further. As long as it is news about Felix Xavier, you must report to me right away. No accidents are allowed to happen!”

Stanley nodded repeatedly and said, “Yes.”

“Sir.” As soon as Jayden hung up the phone, Eugene knocked on the door and came in, “Director Murphy has arrived at the meeting room. Everyone is waiting for you to start the meeting.”

Jayden was also about to look for Eugene. “Eugene, get me an air ticket to Madison City tonight. Also, book an early morning flight back to Hatford City tomorrow.”

“Sir, this meeting will probably last for about three hours, and it will take more than an hour to get to the airport from here.” Eugene raised his hand and looked at the time, “If you want to go back to Madison City, I guess we can only catch the last flight tonight. It will take another two to three hours to fly from Hatford City to Madison City. By then, it will be dawn. Before you can even take a break, you will have to take the earliest flight back here Are you sure your health can endure it?”

Jayden glanced at Eugene coldly without saying a word. Eugene knew immediately that he had said too much. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll book the flights right away”.

Although Eugene had been working for Jayden for a long time, he would still

make a blunder occasionally

He was fortunate that he had reacted quickly. Otherwise, Jayden might have

chased him out.

After hanging up the phone, Silvia asked the driver to send her back to her mother’s home. Watching the scenes outside the window, she couldn’t help recalling what had happened in the past few months.

She had lived for twenty years and had seen many people, but there were very few people who she really had a good relationship with. In the past few months,

not only did she get to know Jayden, but also Audrey

In just a few months, she had a husband and a close friend. This was something she had never dared to think about before, but it had really happened to her.

Even though Audrey had always portrayed herself as a material girl, she was very kind to Silvia. Whenever Silvia was puzzled about things, Audrey would be there to comfort her.

Audrey was only a few years older than her, but Silvia felt that she had experienced all kinds of things in life. It was as if there was nothing that Audrey could not understand

Silvia figured it was probably due to her extensive life experience.

As for Jayden…

For many years, Silvia had never thought that she would fall in love with a man other than Felix… And he was actually a man who forced himself on her!

She seemed to take a masochistic delight in dealing with Jayden unreasonable acts. Although they were always quarreling, Silvia actually felt that Jayden treated her well. She even looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him.

He was a man who she had only known for a few months. At the beginning, he even bought her home and forced her to sleep with him. Despite all this, Silvia still felt that he was a decent person.

Silvia couldn’t wrap her head around this. Something about Jayden just

attracted her

She knew that the longer she spent with Jayden, the more she was reluctant to

leave him. She hoped to go on with him and give birth to a baby for him. She wanted to raise their children together and start a family of their own. She had a lot of hopes and dreams… And all of them were related to Jayden…

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