My Husband Warm the Bed- 1260

Just as trains of thoughts flooded Silvia’s mind, they arrived at the neighborhood where her mother lived. Terry stopped the car and said, “Miss Turner, we have arrived.”

“Oh… Okay.” Silvia came to her senses and replied. She got out of the car and

thanked Terry. Just as she was walking into the neighborhood, she saw Mrs. Turner coming out of the supermarket. “Mom” “Silvia, you’re back.” When Mrs. Turner saw Silvia’s pale face, she held her hand

to Silvia’s forehead, asking, “Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine, Mom, Silvia shook her head. She gave Mrs. Turner a smile, but the smile was not reassuring at all. She quickly changed the subject. “Mom, what have you bought? Did you buy my favorite chicken wings?”

“No. You didn’t call me in advance so I didn’t know you were coming back” There was still a concerned look on Mrs. Turner’s face, but since Silvia was unwilling to say it, she didn’t ask more, “Baby, I’ll go back in and buy some chicken wings for you.”

“Mom, you don’t have to, It’s better to eat less at night, for health purposes. In fact, Silvia didn’t have much appetite. She merely mentioned the chicken wings to divert her mother’s attention.

However, Mrs Turner insisted, “That won’t do! It’s a rare occasion my precious daughter to come home. Of course, I’ll have to whip up a delicious for you. I can’t let my son-in-law think that I am abusing my daughter.

“Mom.” Her mother’s concerned voice touched Silvia deep inside. The feeling was so intense that Silvia wanted to cry, but she fought back her tears.

Mrs. Turner replied gently, “Yes, I’m here, Silvia..”

“Mom, can you give me a hug?” The things Silvia had heard that day had hit her hard. Silvia thought that she was going to collapse, but she gritted her teeth and held on

With her mother by her side now, she wouldn’t let herself cry, but she could be a

little willful once. She longed for her mother’s hug to make her feel better.

“Of course.” Mrs. Turner put down her bags of groceries and gave Silvia a big hug. “Silvia, no matter how old you are, no matter if you are married, my arms are always open for you. I’ll always be here for you when you are down or when

you face any difficulties.”

“Mom, it’s good to have you.’ Holding her mother, Silvia felt better. She looked up and smiled at her mother. “Mom, let’s go and get some chicken wings! I miss the chicken wings that you cook so much! I’m drooling just thinking about it.”

Mrs. Turner teased, “My silly child. You’re still such a glutton when it comes to food. You’re lucky that your husband makes enough money to support you. Otherwise, what would you do?”

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about me. Jayden has no problem supporting me financially. Moreover, even if he is not able to support me, can always earn a living myself. I can even support him.”

Mrs. Turner nodded, “Well, I’m glad that you think so. Marriage is for life. A married couple must tolerate and understand each other so that they can go further and live a better life.”

After listening to Mrs. Turner’s words, Silvia suddenly thought of something.

“Mom, you’ve only seen Jayden once. Why are you so satisfied with him? What’s

so good out him that you approved him right away?”

Mrs. Turner replied in a serious tone, “Silvia, there’s only one thing I’m concerned about. It’s not about his looks or how rich he is. I only care if he treats you well. Just by observing how he treats you, I know that he is the most qualified son-in-law.”

However, Silvia felt that her mother did not really understand Jayden. “Mom, weren’t you a little rash? You’ve only met him once. How could you be sure that he treats me well?”

“Silvia, did something happen to you?” Mrs. Turner asked again.

“No, Silvia shook her head and denied it. She would not tell her mother about Felix and make her worry.

“Silvia, there is something that I had intended to hide from you for a lifetime, but now I don’t think I can keep it from you anymore, I must let you know.

“Don’t scare me, Mom.” For a whole day, Silvia had been feeling restless and uneasy because of Felix. She was not sure she could handle another bad news at this time. Therefore, looking at Mrs. Turner’s serious demeanor, Silvia grew even more anxious.

“I’m not trying to scare you. I just want to tell you that I have already met Jayden before you brought him home” Before this, Mrs. Turner decided to keep it from Silvia as she did not want Silvia to feel that she was indebted to Jayden She hoped that Silvia chose to be with Jayden out of her own will not because

she owed him a debt of gratitude for all the help he had given them. Sensing Silvia’s insecurities, Mrs. Turner decided to tell Silvia everything. She wanted Silvia to know that Jayden was even better than she had expected.

Silvia asked in surprise, “You have met before? When was it? Why didn’t know


“We didn’t want you to know, so we hid it from you. Of course, you wouldn’t find out.” Stroking Silvia’s hair, Mrs. Turner said, “Silvia, do you remember Norman? And when I was hospitalized?”

“How could I forget?” Norman Turner was the culprit of her family’s destruction. Silvia was sure that she would never forget the horrible things that Norman had

done to her family.

Mrs. Turner said again, “When I was captured by Norman, it was Jayden’s men who rescued me. He had even arranged the best caretakers to take care of me in the hospital and made the hospital lie that they were volunteers. Jayden had secretly done many things for you but he never told you anything.”

“So it’s really him.” In fact, in the past, Silvia had been speculating that Jayden was helping her behind all of this, but she was not willing to think more about it.

At that time, she had too much prejudice against him and was not willing to admit their relationship. Hence, she refused to know the truth. Now that her mother had said it herself, Silvia was not too surprised, because she had known it.

“Silvia, I like him not because of the things he had done for us. I like him because I know that he is a responsible man, and you are definitely in good hands.” Mrs. Turner let out a sigh and continued, “When I meet your father one day in heaven, I can proudly tell him that you’ve met a man who is better at taking care of you than he was, and you will live a wonderful life with that man!”


“Silly girl, why are you crying?” Mrs. Turner wiped the tears off Silvia’s face. “Now that you know how good he is, you should appreciate him and live a good life with him.”

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