My Husband Warm the Bed- 1261

“Mom, I know… I know he’s a good man” It was precisely because Silvia knew how good Jayden was that she was feeling afraid, but she did not know where his fear came from.

“Silvia.” Mrs. Turner patted Silvia on the back and didn’t ask anything more. She understood Silvia’s personality clearly. Once Silvia decided not to share anything, no one could get anything out of her no matter how hard they tried. Also, Mrs. Turner didn’t want to rub salt in her wounds. When Silvia thought it through, she would naturally tell her everything.

“Mom, let’s get some chicken wings: Silvia wiped away her tears and smiled at her mother as if nothing had happened. “Do you think I’ve gotten pettier since | got married?”

“Not at all. Mrs. Turner’s heart ached for Silvia. She said from the bottom of her heart, “My daughter is forever the best.

“Thank you, Mom!” Silvia felt that the persons who loved her the most were her

parents. No matter what she had become, their love for her would never


“Silly girl!

“Let’s go, Mom.”

They headed for the supermarket and bought Silvia’s favorite chicken wings.

After returning home, Mrs. Turner started making baked chicken wings. Smelling the fragrance, Silvia couldn’t help drooling. “Mom, why is your cooking always so delicious?

“Because I know your taste well” said Mrs. Turner. When Mrs. Turner first married Mr. Turner, she did not know anything about cooking. Later in life, because Mr. Turner was always busy at work, she had to take care of the family. Therefore, she slowly learned how to cook. Eventually, she became great at it.

After giving birth to Silvia, Mrs. Turner had even become certified nutritionist in order to provide the best for Silvia. She had put in a lot of effort for the family

Of course, Silvia kept everything that Mrs. Turner had done for the family in mind. “Mom, you’ve sacrificed too much for Dad and I. You’ve spent most of your life taking care of us.”

“I am happy to do so. As my husband, your dad has done many things for me. Of course, I have to do something for him.” Mrs. Turner turned to look at Silvia, “Also, it was our obligation to care for you because you’re our only child. We loved you and wanted to give you all the good things in life. However, our capabilities were limited and were unable to put these thoughts into action.”

Silvia did not agree with that. “Mom, why would you think so? You and Dad have given me a lot of love, and the love you give me is much more than that of many parents. I am very grateful to both of you. Also, I love you and Dad very much.”

“I just suddenly feel that what I gave you was not enough” Mrs. Turner shared the same thoughts as many other parents. No matter how much she had given her child, she would still feel that it was insufficient. However, not wanting to get too sentimental, she quickly changed the topic. “Silvia, come and have a taste. Let me know if my cooking skill is still at the same level”

Mrs. Turner placed the chicken wings on a plate. Then, Silvia took it and sniffed it. “As long as it’s made by you, it’s the best! I’m starving just by looking at them.”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “Well, try it.”

Silvia took a bite and immediately gave a thumbs up. “Mom, it’s really delicious!”

Upon hearing her daughter’s praise, Mrs. Turner broke into a bright smile. Silvia was not good at cooking, but she still helped out in the kitchen while Mrs. Turner made a few more dishes.

When they were done, they had dinner together.

It had been a long time since she had dinner with her mother like this. Looking at such a simple and warm scene, Silvia felt a tinge of sadness. “Mom, shall we

live together?” she asked.

Silvia couldn’t bear to part with Jayden, but she also couldn’t bear to be away from her mother. She had been picturing the three of them living together. With that they could have their meals together every day. How wonderful would that be? Silvia thought.

“Silly girl, most of the young newly-weds wish to have their own space and get away from their parents. Why would you want me to live with you?”

“I don’t know what others think. All know is that I want you to live with me. I want to have dinner with you every day. After dinner, we can even go out for a walk and talk about what happened during the day. Silvia looked at her mom with a spark of eagerness in her eyes, “Mom, do you agree with it?”

Mrs. Turner looked at Silvia and said patiently, “Silvia, do you want me to move

in with you two? Or do you want Jayden to move into our small house?” “Well, I think both are fine” Silvia replied without thinking much.

Mrs. Turner said with a smile, “Your father bought this house, There is where we

have stayed for a long time as a family and there are many wonderful

memories here. I don’t think I will want to leave here to stay with you.” Silvia blurted out without second thoughts, “Til ask Jayden to move in with us


“I don’t think he will refuse if you ask him to move here. But you think he will get used to living here? Although our house is bigger than ordinary families, it is still not at the same level as his enormous villa, How can we make him live in such a small place? explained Mrs. Turner.

Upon hearing her mother’s words, Silvia understood what her mother was worried about. Mrs. Turner did not want to leave her current home, but was also worried about the pampered Jayden’s comfort.

However, Silvia still insisted on spending more time with her mother. “Mom, why don’t I come back here every other day?”

“Stop being silly, my dear. It’s your thought that counts.’ Mrs. Turner gave a

gentle and warm smile, “Jayden and I wouldn’t want to see you to-ing and fro

ing between houses.”

“Mom, why do you always think about me? Why can’t you think about yourself for once?” Silvia was Mrs. Turner’s only child. Mrs. Turner could totally ask her to live with her, but she had never wanted to put Silvia into a difficult position.

“Because you are my only child. As long as you live a good life, it is my greatest comfort.” Indeed, this was every parents wish.


“Ding, ding.”

Silvia was interrupted by a notification from Mrs. Turner’s mobile phone, indicating there was an incoming text message. Mrs. Turner took out her mobile phone and looked at it. After reading it, the smile on her face became even more gentle. “Silly girl. Shall we dig in? It’s getting cold. We should eat and rest early

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