My Husband Warm the Bed- 1262

Silvia scooped some food onto Mrs. Turner’s plate. “Mom, the weather has turned cold. Remember to put on more clothes. You can’t let yourself catch a cold, or I’ll worry about you.

Mrs. Turner replied gently, “Okay, I’ll do whatever you say.” As they ate, the mother and daughter enjoyed a good conversation.

Since Mrs. Turner cooked dinner, Silvia took the initiative to wash the dishes.

The kitchen was already well kept by Mrs. Turner, but Silvia still cleaned it thoroughly. She wanted to do something for her mother, even though it was trivial.

While Silvia was busy with the dishes, Mrs. Turner put on a clean bed sheet and quilt for Silvia and prepared all the things that Silvia needed.

When Silvia couldn’t find Mrs. Turner in her own bedroom, she was sure that she had gone to Silvia’s room instead. As expected, Silvia spotted Mrs. Turner there. “Mom, I can do these myself.”

“Silvia, I am happy to do this for you. Are you going to deprive me of my happiness?”

Silvia was rendered speechless.

What else could she say after hearing her mother’s words?

Perhaps, all mothers’ love was the same. They would never complain about doing anything for their children. On the contrary, they would feel that it was the most beautiful and happiest thing in their lives.

At the same time, a few people were gathering together for dinner. However, they were not talking about their family issues, but scheming something Moreover, they were in West Side.

West Side was the residential villa area where Jayden lived. The people gathered around here were discussing how to deal with Jayden.

Among them, Alina was not clear about the situation. She voiced her concern, “Young Master Kyle lives here, and we’re gathering here to talk about him. Are we taking him too lightly?”

As far as she knew, Mr. Kyle was the most powerful person in Madison City. As

his son, Young Master Kyle was definitely not someone to be trifled with. Aline figured they were just digging their own graves by hanging out in his territory.

“We chose to gather here precisely because we took him seriously and didn’t want to act rashly.” It was Dr. Thames who answered the question. She didn’t think highly of Alina. However, at this time, they had to rely on Alina to spread rumors as it was inconvenient for them to do so. Therefore, she explained to Alina patiently. The most dangerous place is also the safest. Do you understand?”

Dr. Thames and Felix had decided to set their future meetings at Dr. Thames’s house. This place was right under Jayden’s eyes and could be exposed at any time. However, Jayden would also never expect that they would choose such a place.

“I understand,” Alina answered, and kept quiet after that. She turned to look at Felix, her eyes filled with deep admiration.

She was not hiding her feelings at all. She loved Felix. When she first met Felix

at campus two years ago, she couldn’t get him off her mind. Dr. Thames couldn’t stand it and spoke, “Let’s get down to business. Stop trying

to seduce him. We all know what kind of sit you are. Stop pretending.”

“What about you, Dr. Thames? Do you know what kind of b*tch you are?” Alina had joined their alliance without getting paid at all. Her only motivation was her love for Felix, and she would only listen to Felix. Hence, she paid no heed to what Dr. Thames had to say

“You b*tch! What did you just say? I dare you to say it again!” Dr. Thames thought that Alina was not on the same level as her. She looked down upon Alina from the bottom of her heart. Now that Alina had the nerves to talk back at her, she would not let it go easily.

“I dare tell Felix that I like him. What about you? You like Young Master Kyle, don’t you? But you don’t even have the courage to let him know. What’s so great about someone like you?” Alina was never someone that was easy to deal with She was accustomed to quarreling with people and throwing caustic remarks at them. Therefore, she was not afraid to face Dr. Thames.


Without saying a word, Dr. Thames raised her hand and slapped Alina in the face with such brutal force that five clear fingerprints immediately appeared on Alina’s face. “I’ll kill you! You little bitch!”


Alina was not willing to get the short end of the stick. In one swift motion, she slapped Dr. Thames in the face and said, “Do you want to die? I’ll f*cking die along with you!”

Dr. Thames held her hand to her face in pain and said furiously, “Are you playing

with fire?”

Alina began to laugh coldly, her face was as ferocious as a bloodthirsty demon. “Dr. Thames, I have nothing to lose at all. Even death doesn’t scare me. However, for someone like you, who still has hopes and dreams death is a very terrifying thing.”

Dr. Thames was a tough woman and had done countless twisted deeds. However, at this moment, she felt a chill down her spine when she saw the hideous smile on Alina’s face. She opened her mouth but could not make a


At this time, Felix cleared his throat and said, “Now, the three of us are on the same boat. Do you want to fight each other or work together to accomplish something? The decision is in your hands.”

Hearing Felix’s voice, the expression on Alina’s face eased up instantly. She replied softly, “I’ll listen to you.”

Felix nodded, and shifted his gaze to Dr. Thames. “What about you? Do you want to continue causing trouble?”

“I’d like to tell you a piece of good news.” Knowing how serious the matter was, Dr. Thames figured that it was not wise to cause internal conflicts at this time. She took out her mobile phone, clicked on the album, and showed them a photo. “Look, do you recognize this person?”

“Isn’t this that bitch, Silvia?” Alina said through gritting teeth. Although the photo was just showing a back view that resembled Silvia, it was enough to drive Alina up the wall. She hated Silvia so much that she wanted her dead.

“It’s not her, commented Felix. The back view of the person was somewhat similar to Silvia’s, but he could tell that it was definitely not her. However, he couldn’t exactly tell what was the difference between the woman in the photo and Silvia.

Dr. Thames sarcastically remarked, “Felix, you are indeed deeply in love with her. Most people would not be able to recognize them, but you could tell at a glance that she is not Silvia.”

Felix didn’t mind Dr. Thames’s mockery at all. On the contrary, Alina, who had

wrongly recognized the person in the photo, asked with a look of shock and disbelief on her face, “If this isn’t Silvia, who could it be?”

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