My Husband Warm the Bed- 1263

“The person in this photo is indeed not Silvia. Dr. Thames then swiped to the next photo and said, “This is the girl in the previous photo. Dr. Thames put her phone on the table so that Felix and Alina could have a

clearer look. Can you see it clearly now? This girl is very beautiful, isn’t she?” “It’s really not Silvia!” Alina exclaimed in surprise. At the same, she realized something else. “They have a similar figure, and also look alike from certain angles.

“I’ve always known that an outstanding man like Jayden would never fall in love with someone like Silvia, let alone marry her. After seeing this photo, I finally understood everything. Silvia’s nothing more than a substitute” After getting this photo and knowing that Silvia was probably just a substitute, Dr. Thames was on cloud nine. Things were not going her way lately and this discovery was something that cheered her up.

Alina reacted quickly, asking, “Are you saying that Young Master Kyle took a fancy to Silvia just because she looks like the girl in the photo?”

“What else could it be?” Dr. Thames sneered. “F initially thought that Jayden saw something in her that we couldn’t see. Come to think of it now, she was just lucky to resemble the woman that Jayden has been keeping in his heart. Furthermore, she appeared in his life when he was at his loneliest. That was why he wanted to have her.”

Alina, too, was excited upon hearing this news. Finally, she realized that Silvia was not so special after all. However, she was still worried. Silvia does look like this girl, but how could you prove that Young Master Kyle liked this girl? They might not know each other at all!”

“I wouldn’t have found out about her if they don’t know each other. However, this girl’s identity is not simple. We should not plan to do anything to her. All we have to do is to let that b*tch know that she is just a substitute” Dr. Thames felt a huge sense of relief thinking that Silvia was only a substitute that Jayden had found.

Alina, who had always regarded Silvia as a nuisance, said with excitement, “I can’t wait to see Silvia’s expression after she finds out about the truth. It will definitely be a sight to behold!”

Just as Dr. Thames and Alina were in a frenzy, Felix poured cold water on their

idea. “Dr. Thames, I don’t care if Silvia’s just a substitute, but I won’t allow you to

hurt her this way”

“Huh! Felix, how dare you order me around? Let me tell you, I must let her know

about this!” Dr. Thames said arrogantly Felix reminded her, “Don’t forget about our agreement.”

Dr. Thames retorted angrily, “Felix, I know we have an agreement that you won’t hurt Jayden, and I won’t hurt Silvia. However, I am not actually hurting her. I am just telling her the truth

“Listen carefully. Dr. Thames. You can never do this to her. There is no room for negotiation. Even if Silvia did not belong to him now, and that she was someone else wife, she was still the girl he had protected since he was a child. D

All along, Felix had wanted to give Silvia the best of everything. A wonderful childhood, a wonderful love. He had given her all of this. He even thought that they would be together forever.

They had also made a promise that once Silvia graduated, he would propose to her. Then, they would have a baby and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, both of them did not expect that accidents would happen

Silvia had lost her father, and Felix had lost the girl he loved. After he had escaped from the jaws of death and recovered from his injuries, he found out that she had already married someone else. At first, he was furious. He even blamed her for betraying their love for each other.

However, after calming down, Felix told himself that she would definitely not betray their love. He was convinced that Silvia was forced by Jayden to be with him. She did not do it on her own will.

That was how Felix had gone through this difficult period of time, convincing himself repeatedly to trust Silvia. Dr. Thames was so enraged that she picked up the chair and threw it on the

ground. “Felix, are you f*cking out of your mind? I worked so hard to get this

clue. How could you tell me to not use it without giving me a valid reason?”

After listening to Felix’s words, Alina didn’t say anything. She just stared at Felix with widened eyes. Clenching her fists, her nails were digging into her palms, but she did not feel any pain at all

She had always known that Felix loved Silvia. Felix had even personally told her that he would never let Silvia go for the rest of his life. However, when she witnessed with her own eyes how he was so protective of Silvia who had betrayed him, anger stirred within her. She felt bad for Felix.

Alina couldn’t help wondering, “Silvia betrayed him and married someone else! Why is he still blindly protecting her?”

She really wanted to wake Felix up to reality and tell him not to protect that girl

anymore. It was not worth it at all.

Just as Alina was roaring inwardly, Felix gave them a short but firm answer, “I don’t want her to get hurt in this life!”

“Fine.” Dr. Thames understood Felix’s insistence on protecting Silvia. “Let me ask you then, Felix. You believe that Silvia hasn’t fallen in love with Jayden, and she was being forced to be with him, don’t you? You also believe that she still loves you don’t you?”

Felix nodded, “Yes.”

Dr. Thames added, “If that’s the case, she shouldn’t have any feelings for Jayden, right? Therefore, she wouldn’t be sad if she finds out that she is just a substitute, am I right?”

There was no flaw in Dr. Thames’s explanation. Felix could not even refute.

Seeing that Felix was speechless, Dr. Thames continued, “Felix, if Silvia is upset when she finds out that she’s a substitute, means that she has already fallen in love with Jayden. In other words, she has betrayed your love. Is a girl like her still worthy of your protection and love?”

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