My Husband Warm the Bed- 1265

“Jayden, you won’t lie to me, will you… Silvia said in her sleep. Jayden’s heart skipped a beat and he furrowed his brows.

What did she hear about lately?

Why did she have such a reaction in her sleep? he wondered.,

However, Silvia did not say anything more. Jayden did not get the answer he wanted.

He sat down beside her and held her hand tightly. There were a lot of things he

wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t say a word.

It was a hard fact that he had deceived her, and he had no way to justify himself.

Jayden knew that Silvia’s abnormal behavior was undoubtedly related to Felix. The sudden spread of Felix’s news in University A was definitely not groundless. He must pay attention to this matter.

With that, Jayden left the room walked into the study next door and took out

his mobile phone to call Eugene.

Even though it was during midnight, Eugene answered the call on the first ring. “Sir, what can I do for you?”

Jayden ordered, “Contact Johnathan Cole immediately and have him rush to Hatford City to host the meeting with Orion Corp tomorrow.”

“Yes. Eugene’s instinctive reaction was to agree to Jayden’s demand. After that, he realized that something was wrong. “But Sir, this collaboration with Orion Corp is the biggest project in our company. You have always been the person to be in charge of the project. If you let Director Cole take over without notice, not only is he unfamiliar with the project, it’s also hard for us to explain to Orion Corp.”

Changing the host of a business negotiation was the same as changing a commander on the battlefield. It was a fatal taboo and absolutely not feasible. Eugene was like a cat on hot bricks, but Jayden replied nonchalantly, I have something more important to do.”

“Sir, what could be more important than this? This meeting will decide if our company can expand to the east. It also concerns the welfare of thousands of our employees. You shouldn’t act recklessly at this time, Sir!

In the past, Jayden was all about work and was more hardworking than anyone else. However, after Silvia appeared in his life, he had completely changed into another person

Eugene was glad that Jayden had finally found his true love and settled down. However, Jayden had been dropping bombshells now and then, which had caught everyone off guard.

The meeting was going on well and he just suddenly decided not to attend. If

the meeting was screwed up, who would take the blame? Eugene thought

More importantly, if they screwed up the project, it would have a great impact on the company, which would lead to emotional instability in the employees.

Eugene knew clearly that Jayden was aware of the seriousness of the matter. He couldn’t fathom why he insisted on it. “Do rich people tend to act recklessly?” he thought to himself.

It seemed that Jayden was willing to hand over the business that he had

worked so hard for throughout the years.

Even if he was willing to the men who had been fighting along with him all these years were not! Despite knowing that Jayden would not be pleased, Eugene tried to persuade him, “Sir, why don’t you reconsider? You can choose not to consider the future of our company, or the welfare of the employees, but you have to think of Madam. Only when your business is good that you can promise her a good life.

“Don’t worry. If Orion Copt doesn’t believe in me, they would not proceed with the negotiations up until this point. Also, you don’t have to worry about my wife. I will make sure that she lives a good life.” With that, Jayden hung up the phone.

Eugene was speechless.

There was a puzzled look on his face.

Of course he was not concerned about his boss’ wife.

He knew that Jayden cared about Silvia.

Therefore, at the critical moment, he had thought of using Silvia to change Jayden’s mind.

However, Jayden seemed to have misunderstood that Eugene was trying to hit

on his wife.

Eugene would never dare to mess with his boss’ wife, unless he had a death wish.

After hanging up the phone, Jayden returned to Silvia’s room. He sat beside her and looked at her in silence. He had never thought that watching her sleep soundly was such a wonderful thing

However, Jayden had his own concerns, He was worried that the good things he wanted would be destroyed, and that he might lose Silvia one day

He had never been in such a distressed state in his life.

Perhaps, it was due to his lack of confidence and his lack of understanding of Silvia Besides, their relationship was not stable yet.

“Silvia, if you find out about everything one day, will you leave me?” However, he would never get an answer from Silvia as he didn’t dare to ask out loud. He was afraid that she would hear him.

Silvia was a headstrong girl. Jayden dared not imagine the consequences if she were to know the truth. Thus, he pretended that nothing had happened and that the relationship between them was very stable.

Nevertheless, no matter if she would leave him or not, he would not let her go. Silvia, you are my wife and you will be my wife forever. I will not allow you to leave me no matter what.”

He had put in a lot of effort to win her over. Therefore, he would not let her go that easily

Madison City was a city with distinct seasons. It was particularly hot in summer and particularly cold in winter. Without warning, it suddenly snowed heavily in the middle of the night.

The next morning, Silvia woke up early. She sat by the window and watched the

thick snow outside. A lot of things were going through her mind suddenly.

The year before, during the first snow, Silvia lay in her warm bed, unwilling to get up. Her father had come to her, holding a bowl of hot soup, “My little lazy worm, if you don’t get up soon, you’ll be eaten by the early birds.

She had popped half of her head out from under the quilt and said lazily, “Dad, are you willing to let your most precious daughter be eaten by birds?”

“Of course I’m not. Hurry. Get up and brush your teeth. Your Mom made this

soup herself. It’s very delicious” Kurtson Turner said while rubbing her head. “Dad, even if it’s poison, as long as it’s made by Mom, you would say it’s delicious, wouldn’t you?” Silvia knew how much her father loved her mother.

“Sure. It’s because I love her so much.” Kurtson had always openly expressed his love for his wife in front of Silvia,

He had always felt that he must voice out his love to his wife and daughter, so that Silvia could grow up in a family filled with love.

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