My Husband Warm the Bed- 1266

Silvia pouted and pretended to be dissatisfied. “Dad, if you continue to show off in front of me, I will ignore you.”

Kurtson was amused by Silvia’s cute expression that he laughed and said, “But

you’re not single, are you?”

“Who says I’m not?” At that time, Silvia had not officially dated Felix yet.

Looking at Silvia’s blushing face, Kurtson teased her, “I’m guessing that Felix will ask you out to ski in a while. Are you sure you’re still single?”

“What does Felix asking me out to ski have anything to do with me not being single?” Silvia clearly understood her father’s meaning, but because she was shy, she pretended not to know. More importantly, Felix had not confessed his love to her. She was not sure if he was just treating her as a sister.

Kurtson smiled and said, “Don’t you like Felix?”

“Of course I like him!” Silvia answered right away.

“So, what’s your concern now?”


“But what?”

“I’m not sure if Felix feels the same. Silvia could see that Felix doted on her and cared for her, but still, she was worried that her feelings were not mutual.

“Silly girl, if Felix doesn’t like you, why is he so nice to you? Sometimes I even feel that he treats you better than do. As a father, Kurtson was reluctant to give her daughter away to another man. Kurtson regarded Felix as his future

son-in-law because he could see how much Felix cared for Silvia.

It was Kurtson’s biggest wish that Silvia could find a man who loved her more

than he did.

“Dad, do you really think so?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask him later.”

“He didn’t say he is coming today” said Silvia.

“Ding, ding, ding.”

As they were talking, Silvia’s phone rang. Seeing that it was Felix calling, Silvia’s face turned red instantly. “Dad, it’s Felix.”

“See, I’ve told you so.”

“He’s just calling. It doesn’t mean he’s asking me to go skiing together.

In truth, Silvia knew right away that Felix was calling to ask her out for skiing at the east side. It was how they spent the first day of snow every year without fail. It was as if this had become a tacit agreement between the two of them.

Kurtson said, “Answer the call and ask him then.”

Silvia quickly answered the phone. “Felix…

“Silvia, it was snowing last night. Did you catch a cold?” said Felix with a voice as warm as sunshine.

Beaming, Silvia replied, “The heater was on, so it wasn’t cold”

“If it’s not cold, why haven’t you gotten out of bed at this time?”

Silvia asked in surprise, “How do you know?”

Felix chuckled, “It’s what you do every year, isn’t it? During the first snow, you’d definitely find all kinds of excuses to stay in bed and skip school.”

“Haven’t you heard that a warm bed goes well with a snowy day?” Silvia pouted

and said.

“Ha! Okay, whatever you say is true, but you really have to get up now. I’ll pick you up later and we’ll go skiing.”

Silvia nodded, “Okay! I’ll get up right away. See you later, Felix.”

After ending the call, Silvia looked up and met her father’s jealous eyes. Shaking

his head, he let out a sigh. “I tried so hard to get you out of the bed, but all it took for Felix was just a phone call. It seems that my daughter is going to be taken away by another man soon. It’s so upsetting.”

“Dad, I will always be your daughter. Nobody can take me away from you,” Silvia assured him with a smile.

Rubbing her head, Kurtson said, “Get up quickly. I’ll heat up the eggnog for you.

Remember to have it before going out later. You can’t starve yourself.”

Silvia gave a salute to Kurtson, “Yes, Sir!”


Mrs. Turner’s voice pulled Silvia back from her memories to reality. Silvia turned her head and saw her mother standing at the door, staring at her while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

“Yes, Mom?”

“It’s time for breakfast. Perhaps, Mrs. Turner was also reminiscing about the past. There was a sheen of moisture near her eyes. “I’ve made some eggnog. It’s your father’s and your favorite.”

Silvia smiled at her mother, “Okay, I’m coming”

It was always Mrs. Turner’s custom to make eggnog during the year-end holidays. In the past, Kurtson would make sure to finish all of it as he didn’t want to waste his wife’s effort.

Kurtson and Silvia had always thought that Mrs. Turner liked making eggnog. Hence, they pretended to enjoy it. Only now did Silvia realize that Mrs. Turner made it because she thought that her husband and daughter liked it. That was why she always got up early to make them eggnog during the first snow.

This was a misunderstanding, albeit a beautiful and warm one. Silvia decided to keep this beautiful misunderstanding to herself.

However, it hurt Silvia to think that she would never have the chance to enjoy a meal with her father anymore. Also, her father would no longer be here to tease her about Felix.

As for Felix…

He was still alive, but she couldn’t see him. She was desperate to know how he was doing and how well he had recovered from his injuries.

She wanted to help him, but there was nothing she could do.

She was not hopeful that she could go skiing or have a snowball fight with Felix

again. Also, Felix would not be able to bring her to fish in the river anymore “Felix, are you alright? Have you recovered from your injury? You must be living a miserable life now,” Silvia couldn’t help wondering.

Although each and every household in Madison City had a heating system, it was uncomfortable to stay indoors all the time. The cold weather would have a huge impact on Felix’s recovery process….

Silvia took a deep breath and tried to push her thoughts away. What she was going to do now was to spend quality time with her mother.

What had happened was already in the past. Now, she should cherish every

moment and every person in her life. She decided to live each day as if it was

her last and make the most out of it.

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