My Husband Warm the Bed- 1267

Suddenly, the image of Jayden crossed Silvia’s mind…

Whenever the weather changed, Jayden’s old injuries would flare up, Silvia picked her phone up and dialed Jayden’s number. It was only after she dialed his number that she recalled that he was far away in Hatford City for a business trip.

Hatford City was located in the south, and its climate was completely different from that of Madison City. Even if it was currently snowing heavily in Madison City, Hatford City would at most be affected by the cold current and had a drop in temperature. Silvia figured that Jayden should be fine.

While Silvia was lost in her thoughts, Jayden had already answered the phone. “Did the sun rise from the west today? Why is Mrs. Kyle up so early?

In Silvia’s memory, Jayden had never addressed her as Mrs. Kyle. Therefore, when she heard this, she could feel her cheeks burning. “Well, always get up late because of you.”

Jayden chuckled, “Because of me? Why?”

“You know why. Silvia didn’t want to talk about this topic with him anymore. If she continued, he wouldn’t stop teasing her. “It’s snowing in Madison City. Have you heard?”

“Yes, I saw the news this morning. In fact, when he left the night before, the snow was falling heavily. It was the heaviest snow he had seen in the three years he had been in Madison City.

The snow came out of nowhere, as if it was warning something. However, Jayden felt that it was ridiculous. He was never a superstitious person.

Silvia asked again, “How is the weather in Hatford City?”

Jayden wouldn’t know the answer as he was actually in Madison City. He quickly turned on the weather app on his phone and checked on the weather in Hatford City. “There are some cold currents, but the weather is fine. It’s neither too cold nor warm.”

“That’s good.” Silva was relieved to hear that.

“Are you calling me this early just to ask about the weather?”

“What else could it be?” replied Silvia.

“You ungrateful woman.”

“Actually, I’m calling to make sure you’re keeping yourself warm since the weather has changed. I’m not there with you. No one would take care of you if

you catch a fever.”

“You are very important to me then.”

“Am I not?”

“You’re indeed very important to me. When you’re not with me, I feel like I can’t

eat and sleep well.”

“Young Master Kyle, since when have you become such a sweet talker?”

“I learned to do it because of you.”

“Oh really? Are you sure you’re not learning it so that you can say it to other women? Deep down, Silvia was happy to hear Jayden’s pleasant words, but being the stubborn girl she was, she wouldn’t admit it. “Let me warn you, Jayden. If you dare to mess around behind my back, you’ll regret it!”

“Well, I can’t wait to what going to do with me.” den liked this arrogant and savage side of Silvia. He felt that it was her true nature and it was



“Silvia, you…

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing. Remember to have your meals on time and layer up to keep warm.”

“I’m such a good eater, and you’re worried that I don’t eat enough? asked


“Well, I guess I don’t need to worry about that.”

“Silvia… When Mrs. Turner realized that Silvia had not come out for breakfast, she came to her room.

“I have to go. Mom is calling me for breakfast. Let’s talk when you’re free tonight. Silvia hung up the phone and turned to look at her mother who was waiting at the door. “Mom, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Were you on the phone with Jayden?” asked Mrs. Turner.

Silvia nodded, “Yes.”

“Silvia, Jayden came to see you last night.”

“Did he?” Silvia asked with her eyes widened in surprise. “How could not


“It was very late. He didn’t stay for long before he left.”

“Mom, is that true? Why didn’t he wake me up?”

“It’s late at night. How could he bear to wake you up?”

“Then why did he come back?”

“Why did he come back?” Mrs. Turner felt sorry for her daughter. “Silly girl, of

course, it’s because he missed you.”

Silvia pouted and said, “He missed me but didn’t wake me up. What nonsense is that? I really don’t understand what he was thinking”

Mrs. Turner said softly, “Couples who are in love never need logical reasons to do things. Sometimes they may do childish things.”

“How did he fly back to Hatford City when it was snowing so heavily last night?”

“You’d better ask him.

“Have your breakfast first, Mom. need to call him and ask where he is.” Silvia dialed Jayden’s phone number again. It was answered after a short while. “Jayden, where are you?”

Jayden answered, “Honey, I’m in a meeting” Silvia checked the time. If he was in Hatford City, he was indeed supposed to be in a meeting with Orion Corp at this time.

“Okay, I will call you later then.” She figured that if Jayden was in the meeting, it

proved that he had reached Hatford City safely. With that, she hung up the phone. “Cough… On the other side of the phone, Jayden began to cough violently. The

coughing was so bad that he felt like his internal organs were going to explode.

When Silvia called him just now, he had tried to suppress his cough using his strong self-control. However, because he had been holding it in for too long, his

coughing had become unstoppable now.

Stanley rushed into his room with the doctor and said, “Sir, the doctor is here. Let him have a look.”

Jayden nodded, “Okay…”

Dr. Thames used to be in charge of Jayden’s illness. Now that Dr. Thames had left, the new doctor did not have a clear understanding of Jayden’s condition. It took him some time just to check on Jayden’s physical functions.

It was already half an hour later when the doctor was done putting Jayden on a

drip. Jayden was groggy from having fever. “All of you, get out,” he said weakly. The doctor packed up the medicine box and said, “Sir, I have to check on your body temperature regularly. “

“Get out,” Jayden uttered again.

He didn’t want anyone to see him in a frail state.

The doctor glanced at Stanley and asked him for help. Thinking that Jayden would listen to him, Stanley began to speak, “Sir, your fever hasn’t subsided. There should be someone staying with you.”

“Get out, Jayden responded coldly.

Stanley said nervously “Sir… I… If you don’t prefer a man to take care of you, why don’t I give a call to Mrs. Kyle and ask her to come over?”

Jayden’s high fever made him drowsy and he had no strength to speak. However, when he heard Stanley say that he was going to call Silvia, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and said angrily, “Stanley, since when are you allowed to make decisions for me?”

“I, I dare not… Stanley stammered.

Even if he was unwilling, Stanley still retreated obediently. He guarded outside Jayden’s room, not moving an inch away from the door.

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