My Husband Warm the Bed- 1268

Mrs. Turner was the one who prepared Silvia’s breakfast. It was pancakes, which tasted rather sweet. After just a few mouthfuls, Silvia was cloyed with the sweetness. However, she pretended to enjoy it and finished the entire plate. Then, she told Mrs. Turner, “Mom, I’m not going to school later. I’ll stay home to keep you company today.”

The winter break was just around the corner. Silvia had attended most of the classes that she had to, so it was fine to be absent for a day. Besides, she used to skip classes, and no one would ever care if she was present.

“It’s snowing heavily outside. will be worried if you were to go out. It would be better if you stay at home. Mrs. Turner was happy to have Silvia at home with her. She prepared some of Silvia’s favorite snacks and said, “Silvia, why don’t you invite Audrey, Reagan and Lemur over to the house? It will liven up the house with them around.”

“Sure, that would be fun.” Silvia hadn’t seen Audrey for a few days now, so she did not know how Audrey was doing recently. Silvia thought that she could invite her over and catch up with her a little.

Silvia called Audrey first. “Audrey, are you at work?”

Audrey rolled her eyes and answered, ‘Are you checking up on me, Director Turner? I really have to tell you this. The government had declared that all employee were to go on a leave due to the heavy blizzard. Don’t think that I’m just loafing about and not going to work, okay?”

Silvia said, “That’s right, I’m calling check up on you. Since you’re not at work, I think I’ll have to deduct your upcoming bonus then. And oh, I should deduct your salary too…

Audrey interrupted Silvia. “If you dare say another word about deducting my

salary, believe it or not, I’ll quit now.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Please don’t, Audrey. Wateria Corporation can’t go on without you. Many people will be out of a job too if you were to leave the company.

“Silvia, you’re trying to piss me off, aren’t you?” said Audrey.

After messing around with Audrey, Silvia said in a solemn tone, “It’s snowing heavily today. Since you have nothing to do at home, why don’t you come to my house and we can have cheese fondue together? Having cheese fondue on a

snowy day is the best feeling ever.” Audrey touched her belly and said, “I’m on a diet.”

Silvia said, “So you’re really not coming?”

Audrey said, “Can’t you just persuade me for a little longer?”

Silvia said, “Oh my pretty Audrey, I beg you, we can’t eat without you.” Audrey said, “Oh my beloved friend, I’ll be right there, okay? Wait for me, I’ll

show up before you in half an hour.”

Silvia said, “Okay, I’m going to the supermarket just down the street to get the ingredients. Call me when you’re nearby and we can go home together”

Audrey nodded in agreement.

Next, Silvia called Reagan and Lemur on the phone. Silvia called Reagan but it

was Lemur who answered the phone. “What’s the matter, Boss?”

Silvia said, “Lemur, I’m having cheese fondue at my place. Come with Reagan. Coincidentally, Reagan and Lemur had just received the news that all the classes that day were cancelled. They were about to give Silvia a call too.

Lemur stammered, “Boss, we can’t go.”

Silvia grew up with Reagan and Lemur. When she heard Lemur speaking hesitantly, she immediately knew that something was going on. “What are you guys hiding from me?”

Lemur replied, “Nothing.”

Silvia raised her eyebrows. “Nothing?”

Lemur hesitated for a few moments and finally said, “Boss, Reagan got a phone call this morning. We’re invited to go skiing in the east and ice fishing at the river…

Ice skating in the east and ice fishing at the river… These were the activities that they would do every year after the first snow.

Silvia was so excited that her fingers were slightly trembling. “Is it… Is it…” Lemur added, “Boss, we’re not sure if it was really Felix who called us… Should we go then?”

Silvia gritted her teeth and said, “Of course we should. I’ll go with you guys.”

It had always been inconvenient for Felix to meet Silvia. He was afraid that those who were hiding in the dark would hurt her, so he could only think of this way to meet them. This was the only way that his enemies would be less likely

to discover them.

Lemur said, “Reagan and will wait for you at the guardhouse then.”

“Okay. Silvia tidied herself up and put on her snow boots and down jacket. Mom, I need to go out for a bit..” “

Mrs. Turner poked her head out of the kitchen and shouted. “Silvia, did you manage to contact Audrey and the rest? I need to know how much food I should prepare.”

“Mom, Audrey will probably be here soon. Just let her in and I’ll be back with the ingredients later Silvia hurriedly left the house to meet up with Reagan and Lemur. However, just as she had arrived at the guardhouse, Silvia happened to bump into Audrey.

When Audrey saw that Silvia was in an anxious state, she immediately grabbed Silvia and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I… Silvia was in a hurry, so she wanted to brush Audrey’s hand off but Audrey

was holding her hand too tightly. “Audrey, you can go to my house first. I’ll be

back in a bit. “I said, where are you going?” Audrey was sure that something had happened to Silvia. Silvia could never hide things from anyone. Audrey could easily tell that something had happened just by studying the look on her face.

“I need to go out.” Silvia became even more anxious. “Let go of me first.

Audrey said again, “Didn’t you check the weather forecast? Don’t you know that there will be a blizzard later?”

“I’ll be back real soon, okay?” Regardless of the weather, Silvia had already made up her mind that she would go. What if it was really Felix who had given Lemur the phone call? She would not be able to feel at ease for the rest of her life if she happened to miss the chance to meet him.

“Where are you going?” Audrey refused to let go of Silvia. “If you really must go, I’ll go with you.”

“You don’t have to come with me.” It would be worse to get more people involved in this matter. Not to mention Audrey, who did not know Felix at all. Silvia must not let Audrey get into this mess and expose her to danger.

At this time, Reagan and Lemur, who lived nearby, had also arrived. When Audrey saw em, she thought that her savior had com However, the two of them spoke for Silvia. “Audrey, could you please keep Mrs. Turner company first? We will be back very soon.

Audrey said with concern, “Tell me, Reagan. Where exactly are you guys

heading to?”

“Audrey, we really can’t tell you.” Reagan was willing to tell Audrey about anything else, but this matter was related to Felix’s life and death, so he could

not speak carelessly.

“Are you sure that you have to go?” asked Audrey.

Silvia nodded. “Yes.”

“I’ll go with you guys then,” said Audrey. “Else, no one is allowed to leave.”

Audrey was a stubborn person. Silvia was in a hurry and she did not want to waste any more time arguing with Audrey, so she nodded and let Audrey come along with them.

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