My Husband Warm the Bed- 1269

Thinking of the possibility of seeing Felix, Silvia’s heart was burning with anxiety so much so that she had forgotten that a blizzard was coming up. Most people had chosen to stay at home, and even the taxis and buses were out of service.

Since she couldn’t get a taxi, she could only walk. However, the ski resort was

at least a few dozen kilometers away from where she lived. Even if she was

willing to walk, she wouldn’t even reach there the next day.

Just when they were at their wits’ end, Reagan received text message. “Since the weather forecast stated that there would be another blizzard coming up

tonight, for safety reasons, let’s meet another day.”

Reagan handed the phone to Silvia, “Boss, look at this.”

When Silvia saw the message, she was almost sure that the person who wanted to meet up with them was Felix.

Only Felix would be concerned about her safety and be so considerate to her. No one else would do that. No one else would ask them to meet up at the

ski resort and by the river where they used to go to.

Audrey asked worriedly, “Silvia, is everything okay?”

“Yeah. Silvia shook her head and smiled at Audrey “Audrey, Reagan, Lemur, let’s

go to the supermarket to get the ingredients.”

Silvia took the lead and went to the supermarket, while Audrey and the others followed closely after her..

It was starting to snow heavily again.

The snowfall was so heavy that it looked like goose feathers floating in the sky.

Felix stood on the balcony and stretched out his hand. The snowflakes fell on his palm and quickly melted into water.

Alina Bell stood behind him and put a thick coat over his shoulders. “I’ve sent the message to Reagan as you wished. They are heading back home now.”

Felix did not respond, as if he did not hear Alina’s voice.

However, Alina was not discouraged. She laughed awkwardly and said, “It’s snowing heavily and it’s getting quite cold now. You’re not fully recovered yet. Why don’t you go into the house instead of standing here in the cold wind?”

Felix was still silent. He quietly watched the snowflakes landing on his palm and melting into water. Although he had been watching it for more than half an hour, he was still looking at it quietly as if he was not tired of it yet.

Alina knew that she was nobody to Felix. She could have turned around and left, but she was unwilling to do so. She wanted to stay by his side. Even if he had turned a blind eye to her, she would not have any regrets.

In the past, she had heard that one should not easily fall in love with another person. It might take only a minute to fall in love with someone, but it would take a lifetime to forget them… perhaps, beyond a lifetime.

This was the case for both her and Felix.

However, the person she liked was Felix, and the person Felix liked was Silvia, who had already fallen in love with another man.

Silvia Turner!

Every time Alina thought of this name, she would feel like someone was stabbing her heart with a knife and the pain felt immensely real.

“Whenever it first snowed, I will pick her up from her house and I will either bring her to the ski resort in the east or to the river to do ice fishing.”

Felix finally spoke, but it was not to respond to Alina’s words. Instead, he was just talking to himself. He was talking about his past with Silvia.

Upon hearing this, Alina felt bitter in her heart. This was how life really was.

Felix could never realize who was the one who cared for him. He would only put

all his attention on Silvia, who had already forgotten about him.

Felix continued, “You don’t know how beautiful the frozen river was, and it’s very easy to catch a fish. All you have to do is to punch a hole on the ice and cast your nets. In just a few minutes, it will be filled with fishes. Those fishes are unpolluted and they are even tastier than those we can buy in supermarkets.”

“I’ve never eaten fishes that were caught in the stream. I really want to taste them if get the chance.” If Felix was willing to take her to the river to catch fishes, even if it meant that she would have to risk her life, she would never back down. Sadly, Felix would never do that.

“In the previous years, we would take all the fishes that we’ve caught home. It would either be my place or hers, and our families would gather together to have dinner. Those were simple, but they were the most orgetta days of my entire life. At that time, he thought that both the Xaviers and the Turners would continue to live simple yet peaceful lives. However, no one had ever expected that Silvia’s father would get into a tragic accident, nor did they

expect a mishap would happen to the Xaviers shortly after.

Upon hearing Felix’s words, Alina could tell how much pain he was experiencing. “Felix, you must hate him to death, don’t you? And you just can’t wait to tear the man, who ruined your life, apart, right?”

“Tear him apart?” Felix sneered. “Not only do I want to tear him apart, can’t wait to rip off his skin, cut off his tendons, drain his blood, and then chop him into pieces and feed him to the dogs. But even so, can never get rid of the hatred in my heart because everything that had happened was already in the past. I can never turn back time and rectify them.”

Alina tried to convince Felix, “You can’t go back in time, but you can still avenge yourself. believe that you can get rid of him and bring justice to yourself.”

Felix suddenly turned his head and looked at Alina. ‘Alina, guess the person you hate the most is Mr. Donald, isn’t it?”

Mr. Donald?

If it weren’t because Felix had mentioned that name, Alina would have almost forgotten Mr. Donald, that wretched and incompetent fellow.

“Yeah, I guess I do hate him. Mr. Donald had defiled her. She should hate Mr.

Donald, but the person she hated the most was Silvia.

She wished that she could also peel off Silvia’s skin, pull out her tendons, and drain her blood. She wanted to torture Silvia so much that that b*tch would beg for death.

“The person you hate the most is not Mr. Donald?” Judging from the look in Alina’s eyes, Felix could already tell what she was thinking. He warned, “Alina, I must remind you that if you dare to hurt Silvia, I will never show mercy to you regardless of the help that you’ve given me.”

“I want to hurt her, but do you think that I’ll have the ability to do it?” Alina admitted readily. “First of all, I can’t even deal with her, let alone Jayden.”

Jayden Elias Kyle!

The moment Felix heard that name, he clenched his fists and a hint of bloodlust flashed through his eyes. No matter how powerful Jayden was, he would make him disappear forever.

At the same time, Dr. Thames, who went out to get the latest news, had returned. She said, “It wa how I xpected. Jayden has fallen ill and Stanley Pierson is taking care of him now. No one is by Silvia at the moment, so this is the best time for us to execute our plan.

Alina said, “But the snow is going to get even heavier later, we can’t go out at all. How are we going to execute our plan?”

“Who said that we’re going out?” Dr. Thames turned around and walked into her room. She took off her coat and hung it on the coat-tree. “You’ ve already affected Silvia’s mind with the things you said to her. She had already believed that Felix is still alive, and her grievance towards Jayden had started to grow in her heart.

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