My Husband Warm the Bed- 1270

“Grievance started to grow in Silvia’s heart?” Silvia was a stubborn girl, and would never listen to anything others had said to her. Alina really could not believe that her words had actually affected Silvia’s thoughts.

“Even after what you’ve told her, she did not tell Jayden that Felix was still alive.

This simply proved that she was still wary of Jayden.” Dr. Thames said excitedly, “I believe that if you were to give her a call now, she will listen and do whatever you ask her to:

“Silvia is a cunning person. If she didn’t see Felix with her own eyes, would be impossible to get her to listen to our orders.” Alina was worried.

“Let her meet Felix then. Today is the best time for her to meet Felix. don’t know when we’d ever get such an opportunity again.” Dr. Thames looked at Felix. “Felix, you’ve always wanted to see her, didn’t you? Your opportunity has

come. It’s all up to you now.” “We should really take advantage of the heavy snow. If we just stay idle, we are really letting the time and effort that we’ve put into our plan to go in vain.” Felix returned to the house and took off the coat that Alina had put on him. “But, I

want to start with Jayden.”

“What do you mean?” Dr. Thames asked.

“What do I mean? Do you really not know what I mean?” Felix looked at Dr. Thames with his sharp eyes. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’ve done.”

“I’ve already told you everything I’ve done, and I’m not hiding anything from you.” Dr. Thames could roughly guess what Felix wanted to say, but she was not exactly sure about it. Before she had received a definite answer, she would never admit to it.

“You’ve been attending to Jayden for so many years and yet his health hasn’t improved at all. Is it really because of his refusal to cooperate with your treatment though?” Felix let out a cold laugh. “I guess he had never expected that he had actually allowed such an ungrateful wolf to stay by his side for such a long time, had he?”

“Huh… how did you find out about it?” Since Felix knew everything that she had done, Dr. Thames did not want to hide anymore. They were allies anyway. It was impossible that Felix would leak the news to Jayden.

“This is what I stumbled upon the other day. Felix took out a palm-sized

notebook from his pocket and handed it to Dr. Thames. “You recorded every single wicked thing that you’ve done. Are you not afraid that Jayden would discover it?”

“I wrote it all down so that he could see it. As long as he is willing to step into my house, he can discover it easily. However, he just won’t do that. He has never even thought about stepping into my house.” Dr. Thames shook her head and sighed. “I gave him a chance but he didn’t cherish it. No matter what happens in the future, he can’t blame me for being cruel to him.”

“So you know what you should do now, don’t you?” Felix was not interested in Dr. Thames’ intentions. His only purpose was to get rid of Jayden and get Silvia back.

Dr. Thames said, “I just went to check on him. His fever is not going to come down any time soon and he might still be unconscious even after we’ve already finished our work.”

“How could you be so confident that he will?” Felix had witnessed how Jayden did things. He knew Jayden was not someone be trifled with, so dared not lower his guard.

“I’ve been working for him for three years now. If I don’t at least have some confidence in what I do, how am I going to survive in this society?” Dr. Thames had always been a confident woman. Although she had suffered a setback with Jayden, she was still very confident

of her own charm and ability. She believed that she could dominate everything that she wanted.

“So… Felix said.

Dr. Thames laughed complacently and interrupted Felix, “So you can go meet your sweetheart now… provided that she’s willing to come see you with the snowstorm going on.

After listening to Dr. Thames’ words and hesitating for a moment, Felix replied,

“Wait until she’s done eating with her friends. Inform her after the storm


As long as Felix agreed to it, things would be easy. Dr. Thames said to Alina, “Alina, I’ll let you decide when to inform Silvia. I’m going out now.”

At times like this, Dr. Thames thought that it would be good to go to Jayden and

make a good impression on Jayden.

It was her wishful thinking. Although Jayden had already dismissed her, he

might actually feel touched and even let her return to his side when he woke up

and saw that she was the one taking care of him.

It was absolutely pleasurable to have cheese fondue on snowy days, especially when there was a group of family and friends gathering together. Everyone was talking and laughing. This feeling was simply too good.

Mrs. Turner was busy greeting the guests. “I’ve already regarded all of you as my children, so you guys should make yourself at home. You can eat as much as you want. Don’t be shy with us.”

Audrey took a piece of roasted potato and said, “Auntie, I’m already eating more than you. I’m not shy at all.

Reagan nodded in agreement, “Yes, Auntie. Just look at the amount of food on my plate. I’m eating more than all of you.”

Mrs. Turner laughed joyfully and said, “Yes, that’s good. With you guys here, could already feel that my appetite is getting much better.”

Lemur coated some meatballs for Mrs. Turner and said, “Auntie, you should eat

more too. Don’t just watch us eat.”

Mrs. Turner nodded. “Lemur, you should eat more too. Don’t just take care of


The house had become livelier with guests around. Mrs. Turner was overjoyed, and Silvia was happy too. “I think my mom really wished that all of you can just move into our house.

“That’s a good idea,” said Audrey. “If we move in here, we will be able to enjoy Auntie’s cooking every day.”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “You guys are welcomed to visit anytime.” “Mom, I will ask them to come over for dinner more often.” Silvia got up. “But now, I have to go make a phone call first.

No matter how lively the atmosphere was, Silvia did not forget to give Jayden a phone call. Jayden was busy with work in the morning, so Silvia thought that he would have a break during noon time. Hence, she had to make the best use of her time to call him.

“Just look at her. She really can’t stand to be away from her husband. She just won’t stop calling him whenever he’s not with her.” Mrs. Turner said. In fact, she was genuinely happy when she saw that Silvia and Jayden were getting along so well.

“Mom, I can still hear you from here, okay? Don’t badmouth me.” Silvia turned

around and said. Then, she entered her room and dialed Jayden’s number. However, no one answered the call. Was Jayden still in the meeting? Although Silvia was the boss of Wateria Corporation, she knew very little about business negotiations. She did not know how long an average meeting would


Silvia waited for a while before calling again. Once again, no one answered… No way, if Jayden was still in a meeting, he would have still answered the call and let her know that he was in a meeting.

But he didn’t.

Silvia was worried, so she continued to call until someone had finally answered

the phone. “Jayden…”

“Mrs. Kyle, it’s me. It was Stanley’s voice which sounded through the phone.

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