My Husband Warm the Bed- 1271

When Silvia realized that the person who answered the phone was not Jayden, Silvia was slightly flustered. “Jay… where’s Jayden?” Stanley looked back at Jayden, who had been lying on the bed for a long time.

He wanted to say that Jayden was having a meeting, but he couldn’t. After

struggling and hesitating for quite a while, he decided to tell Silvia the truth, “His old illness has relapsed again. He’s now in a coma with a high fever.” “What? He was fine this morning, wasn’t he?” Jayden said that the weather in Hatford City was fine, but why did he end up catching a cold? Silvia bit her lip

hard. “You’re Stanley, aren’t you? Could you please tell me your current location

so that I can go over now?”

Stanley was torn. “Master Jayden has ordered me not to tell you.” Silvia was exasperated. “But you’ve already told me, haven’t you?”

Stanley could not refute.

He wanted Silvia to guarantee that she would admit the truth to Jayden… That

it was Silvia who insisted to go and would shoulder the blame for her decision.

However, Silvia had said something that was out of Stanley’s expectation. Silvia said, “Jayden told you not to tell me, but you end up telling me anyway, That proves that you are aware of our relationship. Since you know that I’m his wife, how can I not be there to take care of him when he’s sick?”

If he were to let Silvia come over and take care of Jayden… Stanley could already imagine how Jayden would look at him with his cold eyes. However, he felt that he would rather experience that than let Jayden be alone. With his wife taking care of him, Jayden should be able to get better sooner. He said, “How about this, Mrs. Kyle. I’ll arrange someone to go pick you up.”

“Okay. I’ll go get ready now and wait for you at the guardhouse. Let me know when your man is here, okay?” Silvia hung up the phone, put on a coat, and rushed out. She did not even notice that she had accidentally left her phone at home. “Mom, Jayden is not feeling well. I need to go see him now.

“What happened to him?” Mrs. Turner did not know that Jayden had not been in good health. She was worried when she heard that her son-in-law was ill, but she thought of the bad weather. “Silvia, it’s snowing heavily today. think all the flights have stopped operating. How are you going to get to Hatford City?”

“His men had arranged someone to come pick me up, so you don’t have to worry about that. Silvia did not know that Jayden was actually in Madison City. She then looked at Audrey and the rest. “Audrey, Reagan, Lemur, make sure you guys enjoy your meal.”

“Okay then, you should also take care of yourself too, okay?” Now that Jayden was ill, Silvia would definitely be worried. Audrey, Reagan, and Lemur were all very sensible friends, so none of them tried to persuade her to stay.

Silvia knew that Jayden’s men were efficient, but she did not expect them to be this fast. She had just arrived at the guardhouse but they were already there waiting for her. It was as if Jayden had planted them on her. As long as she needed something, they would be there to serve her.

It was just a random thought but little did Silvia know that this was exactly what was happening. Jayden had indeed arranged his men to follow her around, so if she needed anything, they could be at her service immediately.

After Silvia had gotten in the car, the driver drove off in the storm. Because of the thick snow, the travelling time had doubled. It took them 40 minutes to arrive.

When they arrived at their destination, the driver stopped the car. A staff member immediately came up and said, “Mrs. Kyle, we’re here.

Phantasy Nightclub? Why did the driver bring her here?

Silvia was puzzled, but did not ask any further. She followed the staff into the nightclub and walked towards Jayden’s private room, “Jayden’s here?”

The staff led Silvia to a room and stopped at the door. “Master Jayden is in this

room. Mrs. Kyle, please take good care of Master Jayden. I’ll leave first.”

“Okay. Silvia nodded. Just as she was about to push the door open, she could faintly hear a female voice that she was familiar with yet despised coming from the room. That voice should have disappeared from Jayden’s side a long time ago. Why was that woman still here?

Thinking of Dr. Thames, Silvia’s blood was already boiling. She opened the door and looked into the room. The first thing that she saw was Dr. Thames sitting on Jayden’s body. Her hands were wandering on his face and her disgusting red lips were almost touching Jayden’s….

Silvia was boiling with anger when she saw this scene. How could she allow such a woman to touch and kiss her man? Silvia strode forward, grabbed Dr. Thames from behind and pulled her out of the bed. ” How dare you touch him!”

Dr. Thames had finally found the chance to be with the man she was secretly in love for the longest time. Just as she was about to succeed, Silvia had suddenly barged into the room and ruined her plan. Dr. Thames flew into a rage and shouted, “Btch, just fck off if you know what’s good for you, or I’ll kill you.”

Jayden was still unconscious, and Dr. Thames had sent Stanley out of the room. There were only Silvia and Dr. Thames left in the room now. Dr. Thames had already had a fall out with Silvia before this, so there was no need for them to be nice to each other anymore.

“Huh… Kill me?” Silvia glared at Dr. Thames and gave her a hard slap on the face. “I really wonder if you have the ability to kill me though.

“B*tch, how dare you hit me!” After receiving a slap, Dr. Thames immediately retaliated. However, Silvia was much more agile than she had imagined. She rushed over to grab Silvia, but not only did she not catch Silvia, she was being pushed away.

Dr. Thames rushed up to Silvia again, but Silvia dodged her. Then, Silvia turned around and grabbed Dr. Thames’ hair. She kicked the back of Dr. Thames’ and said. “I’m warning you, Dr. Thames. If you ever dare touch him again, I will never let you get away easily.”

Silvia was used to being “bullied” by Jayden. Most of the time, the moment Jayden glared at her, she could only hide her sharp claws and keep quiet. After being in such a position for a long time, she had almost forgotten how wild she used to be. It was not until she had seen someone touching her man that her wild nature was revived.

Now Dr. Thames was pulling her hair and even kicked her, Dr. Thames was in so much pain that her face had turned pale. The look in her eyes was full of maliciousness. “Silvia, you b*tch. I’ll definitely kill you.”

As soon as Dr. Thames finished speaking, Silvia kicked her again. It was so painful that Dr. Thames immediately yelled, “Ah…

“Dr. Thames, I couldn’t find the medicine that you were talking about…” Stanley returned to the room, but before he could finish his words, he saw that the two ladies were fighting in the room. He hurriedly asked, ” What, what happened?”

“Stanley, want you to throw this woman out of here now, and prohibit her from

showing up in front of your boss again.” Silvia pushed Dr. Thames away,

sounding authoritative as the lady of the home.

Since the boss of this place was Silvia’s man, that would mean that she was the boss lady. How could she let a doctor, who Jayden had driven away, to step all over her?

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