My Husband Warm the Bed- 1272

*Stanley, I’m here to check on Master Jayden, but this woman hit me as soon as she arrived. You saw it yourself too. You have to testify for me when Master Jayden wakes up later. After the catfight, Dr. Thames’ hair was in a mess. However, she was not bothered by it at all. She must not let go of any chances that she had to get to Silvia.

Dr. Thames and Stanley had worked for Jayden for three years now. Stanley thought that he knew Dr. Thames very well. In Stanley’s point of view, Dr. Thames was a loyal employee. On the other hand, he did not know Silvia that well. When he entered the room, he saw Silvia hitting Dr. Thames. Stanley thought that Silvia was being this arrogant because of Jayden’s favor over her, so he had a very bad impression of Silvia.

He frowned and wanted to say something, but he could not because Silvia was someone his boss loved and doted on. He parted his lips but could not say any condemning words to Silvia. However, he did not obey Silvia’s order to drive Dr. Thames away too.

After all, Stanley and Silvia had never met in private. The only perception had of Silvia was that she was his boss’ woman. Other than that, there seemed to be nothing else.

Seeing that Stanley was not executing Silvia’s orders, Dr. Thames was delighted. She looked at Silvia and said, “I’m here to treat Master Jayden. Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have any no improper thoughts about him.”

No improper thoughts!

Stanley might believe it, but Silvia would never.

Just moments ago, if Silvia were to arrive a second later, Dr. Thames would have already kissed Jayden. Silvia felt sick just thinking about it. How could there be a doctor who would treat her patient like this?

Silvia knew that the key person was not her, nor Dr. Thames, but Stanley. She looked at Stanley and she said in a cold and assertive tone, “If you really see me as Jayden’s wife, then please do as I say.

Stanley obviously knew that Silvia was Jayden’s wife, but Dr. Thames bore no ill will toward Jayden. Furthermore, he and Dr. Thames were friends, so how could he just drive her away? “Mrs. Kyle, why don’t we wait until Master Jayden wakes


Silvia laughed lightly. At this time, she felt there was a need for her to assert her position. “I don’t like her and I don’t want to see her. I want her to leave now.”

With Stanley around, Dr. Thames had no choice but to put on an act. “Miss Turner, I know that you don’t like me, but please don’t be so willful. You should put Master Jayden’s health as your priority. I’d go wherever you ask once Master Jayden has recovered.

Silvia’s words were unreasonable and simply barbaric, whereas Dr. Thames sounded utterly sensible. Stanley once again took Dr. Thames’ side. “Yes, Miss Turner, you should prioritize Master Jayden’s health.

Silvia was also worried about Jayden, but her sixth sense was telling her that Dr. Thames was not someone she could trust. What if she were to do something harmful to Jayden?

Silvia definitely would not give Dr. Thames the chance to harm Jayden, so she

had to chase Dr. Thames away. She would stay by Jayden’s side to take care of

him. “Stanle will say last time t her to get out my sight now.

Silvia’s intention was crystal clear. After thinking about it for a while, Stanley decided to listen to Silvia’s instructions. “Dr. Thames, why don’t you leave first? We’ll talk about it when Master Jayden wakes up.”

Dr. Thames said anxiously, “Stanley, are you crazy? I came here to treat him but you’re driving me away. What are we going to do if something bad happens to him?”

Stanley was worried about Jayden’s health and began to hesitate after listening to Dr. Thames. But in the end, he decided to obey Silvia. “You can leave first. If you’re really wronged, Master Jayden will bring the justice you deserve after he wakes up.”

Stanley had decided to take Silvia’s side because he had weighed her position in Jayden’s heart. If he did not listen to Silvia, he would definitely have to suffer the consequences when Jayden wakes up.

“Even you are being like this to me. You guys are all tricked by her…” Dr. Thames was so anxious that she roared.

“Dr. Thames, you should leave now. Stanley did not explain much. He was not the boss of this place, so he could only follow orders.

“Stanley, if anything were to happen to Master Jayden, you’ll definitely regret it…” Dr. Thames could not deal with Silvia by herself. Now that she had lost Stanley’s support, she felt lonely and helpless. She was so angry that she

slammed the door and left..

Stanley did not say much. Sometimes it was better not to say too much. He was only an employee who had to obey his boss’ orders. He would do whatever that was being told.

“Thanks, Stanley!” When Silvia saw that Dr. Thames had left in anger, she thanked Stanley and then said, “I don’t trust Dr. Thames. Don’t let her handle Jayden’s medication anymore.

Stanley trusted Dr. Thames, but he would still listen to Silvia’s instructions. “It was Dr. York who gave Master Jayden the IV drips. Dr. Thames came over after that.”

“Okay, got it. Silvia nodded and shifted her gaze to the bottle hanging above Jayden’s head, “I will stay here to take care of him. You can go and get some rest. I will look for you if I need anything.”

“Okay…” Stanley was a little hesitant. He wanted to say something, but he felt

that he would come out as being nosy if he were to say it. Hence, he nodded

and leaving Silvia in Jayden’s room.

Silvia sat beside Jayden’s bed and hugged his hand. This was not the first time she had seen him in an unconscious state, but she had never felt as distressed as she was now. “Jayden, don’t always scare me like this, okay?”

He did not know how worried and afraid she was when she heard that his old illness had relapsed. She was afraid that something bad would happen to him, and she was afraid that he would suddenly disappear from her life.

As if he had heard her voice, Jayden slowly opened his eyes to make sure that the person in front of him was Silvia. He said feebly, “Stanley is really starting to become more disobedient nowadays.”

Upon hearing his words, Silvia said in exasperation, “You asked Stanley not to inform me that you’re sick, so who do you want him to inform then? Jayden, I’m telling you, if you dare to hide anything from me again, I will not let you off.”

“What are you going to do to me then?” The moment Jayden heard Silvia’s arrogant and overbearing warning, Jayden wanted to laugh, but he was completely drained. Even smiling was difficult. “What a silly woman…”

Silvia said, “Since you know that I’m silly, and that I will do things recklessly and get cheated easily, you should recover quickly and protect me. Don’t let get cheated and still be ignorant about it.”

“Why do you make it sound like it’s good that you’re so silly… As he listened to

her chatter, Jayden suddenly felt that he was starting to feel better.

“I am that stupid, can you blame me for it though?” In front of him, she could be willful and unreasonable because he would spoil her unconditionally.

“You… Jayden let out a weak laugh.

“Jayden, you should sleep a little longer. I’ll be here with you.” Seeing how weak Jayden was, Silvia felt a pinch in her heart. “You can just sleep. I’ll be right by

your side.”

“Okay. Jayden slowly shut his eyes.

Silvia was by his side, quietly keeping him company…

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