My Husband Warm the Bed- 1273

Because of the harassment that she had suffered, Dr. Thames was infuriated. She walked out of Phantasy Nightclub and called Felix on the phone. “Felix, you’re really a good-for-nothing. You’re not a f*cking man at all!”

Dr. Thames was cursing to vent her anger, but Felix remained silent. However, there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. It was as if one would freeze to death if he were to stare at them.

However, Dr. Thames did not know that. She thought that Felix was keeping his silence because he was a coward. She continued to curse like a shrew, “You wimp, do you still want to work with me? If you don’t, then just f*cking say it. I can always get what I want by myself.”

Felix was still speechless, but his eyes were not only cold, there was bloodlust in them. He laughed and said, “Oh my Dr. Thames, what made you so angry?”

“Do you not know who’s capable to make me this angry? Besides your beloved woman, who else do you think could piss me off like this?” Dr. Thames vented all the indignity that she had suffered on Felix.

Dr. Thames was a smart woman too. It just so happened that she had underestimated Felix and his feelings for Silvia, which led to what happened later on… If she had known that earlier… However, there were no ‘ifs’ in this world.

“Oh… Felix was playing with his fingers. He said unhurriedly, “Isn’t she enjoying her cheese fondue at home? How did she make you angry then?”

“Who said that she’s at home? She… Dr. Thames gritted her teeth. She really could not bring himself to tell Felix that Silvia had beaten her up. “Felix, didn’t we agree that I would go look for Jayden and you would meet up with Silvia? Why did she show up at Jayden’s place then?”

Felix’s gaze darkened. “She went to look for Jayden?”

Dr. Thames noticed the contrast in his tone and immediately mocked. “What? Do you really think that she’ll just stay at home?”

Felix tightened his grip on his phone and could not reply to Dr. Thames’ ridicule.

Dr. Thames continued, “Let me tell you, Felix. Your woman is not someone who can endure loneliness at all. saw how she seduced Jayden with my own eyes. She was so bewitching that no man would be able to resist her… Oh right, you

should have tasted her before, right?”

“Shut up!” Felix roared.

“Oh, you haven’t?” Dr. Thames deliberately slandered Silvia. Most importantly, she wanted to ignite Felix’s jealousy.

As Dr. Thames saw it, Felix was too weak. He did not even have the slightest bit of resolution when he did things. If they worked together, she would definitely be the one at the losing side. Since she didn’t want that to happen, the only thing that she could do was to enrage Felix.

People with a huge grievance tend to turn into a malicious person. She hoped that Felix would hate Silvia, then he would ruthlessly take Silvia back from

Jayden’s hands.

Felix was rubbing his left thumb against his middle finger so hard that they had already turned red. Then, he said, “Did you call me just to tell me this?”

“You’re such a loser!” Dr. Thames said shamelessly. She was already provoking

him with such humiliating words, but he was still behaving indifferently. A man like him really deserved to have his beloved woman taken away from him.

Felix did not utter a word but his fingers were still rubbing against each other.

Dr. Thames continued, “Felix, now is your chance to find out who has a greater place in Silvia’s heart. Do you dare to try it?”

Felix clenched his fists and said, “Are you asking me to meet her now?”

Dr. Thames nodded. “Yes, that’s what I meant. She is taking care of Jayden now. You can test her by asking her to meet up with you and see if she would

show up.

Felix kept quiet.

Dr. Thames said, “I really think that you can test her out with this method. If she shows up, then you’re obviously more important to her. If she chooses to stay by Jayden’s side, then you should just move on from her already”

That’s right, this was the best way to test whether Felix was more important than Jayden to Silvia. However, Felix did not dare to do so. He was afraid that Silvia no longer had him in her heart.

Although he would always tell himself that Silvia did not get together Jayden out of willingness, when it was time for his to prove his point, he realized that he could not be as certain anymore.

What if…

What if Silvia chose Jayden? What would he do then?

Felix did not dare to think about it anymore….

Dr. Thames tried to goad Felix. “Felix, you’re afraid, aren’t you?” Yes, he was indeed afraid, but he had to do it anyway. After thinking for a while,

Felix said, “I’ll give her a call now.

Dr. Thames said smugly, “I’ll be waiting for your news.”

After hanging up the phone, Felix dialed Silvia’s number, which he knew by heart. After keying in a string of numbers, all he had to do was press the call button.

However, he hesitated again….

He knew that as long as he made the call, he could not back down anymore regardless of how dangerous the journey ahead of him was.

“Felix, if you don’t want to call her, then don’t. Alina Bell could tell that Felix was in a dilemma. Just looking at him, Alina could feel the distress in him. Deep down in her heart, she hoped that he would be happy, but she did not want Silvia to come see him.

“I have to make this call sooner or later.” He could choose to run away from it, but he could not do that for the rest of his life. Eventually, Felix pressed the call button. “Beep…

Every time the phone rang. Felix’s heart seemed to have skipped a beat… The phone kept ringing, but no one answered it.

Alina was also nervous. “She’s not picking up?”

Felix called Silvia again, but still, no one answered. Then he redialed Silvia’s number time and time again… In the end, he did not even know how many times he had called.

Felix should have been disappointed that Silvia did not answer the call. However, he let out a long sigh of relief… As long as there was no confirmation, he could still pretend that he was the only man Silvia had in her heart.

At this time, Felix’s phone suddenly rang. He did not check on the caller ID and thought that it was Silvia returning his call. The moment he heard the ringtone, his body immediately froze. Should he answer it? Felix contemplated.

Alina glimpsed at the caller ID and said, “It’s Dr. Thames.”

At that instant, Felix obviously looked much more relaxed. He answered the phone and told Dr. Thames about the situation. When Dr. Thames heard what he said, she shouted, “Felix, it really serves you right that your beloved woman

has gotten together with another man!”

Felix sneered.

Then, he hung up the phone.

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