My Husband Warm the Bed- 1274

Back in Secret Garden, Chatterton Town.

Kevin Kyle was in the middle of a video conference in his study when he heard a series of knocks on the door. He turned off the microphone and looked at the door. “Come in.”

Karen Daly, who was holding a cup of hot tea in her hand, came in. She walked up to him and handed him the cup. “Are you done with your work?”

Kevin held her hand and asked, ” What’s the matter?”

If Kevin said so, that would mean that he was not done with his work yet. After

being with him for so many years, Karen could already tell the meaning behind every word Kevin had said, so she said, “You can get your work done first. We can talk after that.

Knowing that he was busy with his work, Karen stepped aside and did not disturb him. She would wait until he was done with his work.

Since Karen had come to look for him, it must be something serious. Kevin

quickly typed on the keyboard, “I have something else to attend to, you guys can go ahead with the meeting.” After sending out the message, Kevin turned off the conference call and turned

his head to look at Karen, “What’s wrong?”

“You can do whatever you need to do first. Let’s talk when you’re done, okay? It’s a long story, so it’s going to take up quite some time. After thinking about it for two days, Karen had finally decided to speak to Kevin about it.

“I’m done with my work,” said Kevin.

“You’re really done with your work?” Karen didn’t believe it, but since he had said so, it meant that he was willing to take out some of his time to listen to her. Hence, she didn’t want to waste any of his time and immediately said, “It’s snowing in Madison City. It’s the biggest snowfall in the past sixty years.”

“Okay, got it.” Kevin nodded his head, coupled with his usual aloofness.

“You got it? That’s all? Even though they had been together for decades and she had been long accustomed to his behavior, Karen would still get agitated when she talked to him sometimes.

Karen was anxious, but Kevin maintained his composure, “What do you want

me to say then?

Karen stared into his eyes and said, “Kevin, is that the point though?” Kevin asked, “What was it that you’re trying to tell me?”

Well, since he pretended to be ignorant, Karen had no choice but to be straightforward with him. “I’m here to talk to you about Jayden. You heard about Jayden’s health from Julien, didn’t you? With such heavy snowfall, do you think that his body will be able to take it?”

After Julien Glover Kyle had returned home, he immediately informed his parents about Jayden’s condition, especially the aftermath that he was currently suffering due to the gunshot wound.

After learning about the situation, Karen had been so worried that she could not

eat nor sleep well for the past two days. However, Kevin acted as if he not know anything. He carried on with his life and never mentioned anything about


“Yes.” Kevin’s answer was cold and simple, which almost made Karen well up with rage. “Kevin, what are you talking about?”

Karen knew that Kevin was a cold man with a low EQ, but he would still care for his family, except for Jayden.

Karen knew that he did care about Jayden, but he was a reticent person. Hence, he would never bring up Jayden’s matter. Whenever anyone in the family mentioned it, he would not give any response to it too. Those who did not know would think that he was being like this because Jayden was not his biological son.

Kevin said with a solemn face, “What do you want me to say then?”

Karen was completely speechless.

Well, he was no doubt a man who was emotionally detached. They had been together for so many years now, and it was not like she didn’t know him well enough. How could she expect him to say something pleasant?

Karen calmed herself and said, “I’m planning to go to Madison City to check on

Jayden. I can’t let him suffer by himself anymore.”

Every time she thought of the hardship that Jayden had gone through for the past three years, her heart would ache like someone had stabbed it with a sharp knife. If she had known that such a situation would happen, she would not have listened to Kevin.

Kevin said that he would give Jayden enough freedom to let him prove his capabilities. Therefore, as his parents, they should let him soar freely.

Jayden did make a name for himself, but… he definitely did not live a good life for these past few years. Without his family by his side, Karen wondered how he had managed to get through.

Kevin said faintly, “What are you going to do there? Nab him back here? Or


Although Karen knew Kevin very well, she still got angry with him. “I would rather do that than let him suffer alone.

Kevin said, “Your children are all adults now and yet you’re still here throwing tantrums like a kid.”

Karen replied, “What do you mean that I’m throwing a tantrum? I’m just worried

about my son. We women are not as cold-hearted as you men. How can you

not care about your son at all?”

Kevin frowned, “Who said didn’t care about him?”

Karen asked, “Then tell me, what did you do?”

Kevin had alw been patient to Karen. “He has someone by his side to take care of him now, and she’s doing a good job too. You don’t have to worry about him. If you’re still worried, then just wait until the snow stops, then go over quietly to check on him. Don’t bother him like how Mia did.

Karen said, “Kevin, you…”

Kevin added, “He ran away from home because he wanted to prove himself, so I never intervened in his matters. He has achieved this much today, and it’s all thanks to his own effort. He’s a grown up now, and he knows how to deal with his own problems. Moreover, he wouldn’t want his parents and family to worry about him too, so you shouldn’t let him find out that you’re worried about him.”

Karen always knew that Kevin cared about Jayden, but she did not know that Kevin would be this thoughtful. Sometimes, she would even blame Kevin for not caring for Jayden enough. In fact, she was the one who did not know her husband well.

Kevin reached out his hand to stroke Karen’s head. “Are you still angry at me then?”

Karen felt a little embarrassed, “Who said that I’m angry?”

Kevin lowered his head and got close to her. “Are you sure?”

“Mom…” Julien had untimely barged into the study. Karen immediately slapped Kevin’s hand away and said, “My little precious is here to look for me, I’ll have to get going first then.”

Kevin said, “Okay.”

Kevin watched as his wife left the room, and it was only when she had shut the door that he withdrew his gaze and got back to his work.

The weather forecast stated that the snowfall was the largest one in Madison City in the past sixty years. It had started snowing since two o’clock in the afternoon but it did not stop since then.

Blizzard warnings were issued throughout the city and the news station had been broadcasting clips of rescue and emergency work around the country. It was reported that several villages in the suburbs were buried under thick snow.

The moment the news was received, the Ministry of the Interior had immediately dispatched fire fighters and soldiers to execute emergency rescues, while a fraction of rescue personnel had already arrived at the disaster area to carry out rescue work.

Silvia withdrew her gaze from the TV and turned her head to look at Jayden, who was still lying unconscious on the bed. She reached out and held his hand, muttering, “Jayden, you’ve been sleeping for half a day now. Are you not going to wake up?”

Before the heavy snow, Silvia had asked Stanley to bring Jayden home, and the newly hired doctor came along as well. According to the doctor’s examination, Jayden’s bodily functions were normal and his fever had already subsided, but why was he still in a coma?

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