My Husband Warm the Bed- 1275

His bodily functions were normal, and the fever had subsided too, but still wouldn’t wake up. The new doctor, Carson York was trying to look for the reason to no avail.

Silvia reached out her hand and touched Jayden’s forehead. His temperature

was indeed normal. “Jayden…”

She wanted to ask Jayden what was wrong with him, but he was still comatose, so he would not be able to give her an answer. Silvia took a deep breath and covered him with the blanket. “Jayden, I’m going out for a bit but I’ll be back real soon. Don’t be afraid, okay?”

After notifying Jayden, Silvia walked out of the room to look for Dr. York, “Dr. York, there’s something I’ve been keeping to myself for a while and I think I should tell you about it.”

Carson was looking through the medical records that Dr. Thames had left behind, in hopes to find some clues. He was so serious about it that he did not even raise his head as he replied, “Mrs. Kyle, please go ahead.”

Silvia was not bothered by such informality and went on to speak her mind. “Jayden’s old illness would relapse whenever the weather changes. Most of the time, he would have a high fever and would go into a coma. But once Dr. Thames gave him some medicine, these symptoms would disappear almost right away and he would wake up shortly after, but…”

“Mrs. Kyle, I admit that I’m not as familiar with Master Jayden’s condition as Dr. Thames did, so I’m trying to look through the medical records Dr. Thames had handed over to me and see what kind of medication she has prescribed for Master Jayden Carson thought that Silvia was dissatisfied with him, so he finally looked up from the monitor and said with slight displeasure, “I’m equally as worried as you about Master Jayden’s condition.”

“Dr. York, I’m afraid that you might have misunderstood me. I’m not saying that you’re not as great as Dr. Thames. I’m just suspecting that someone might have tampered with Jayden’s medicine.” Silvia knew that she could not just speak without any evidence. However, her intuition was telling her that Dr. Thames had ill intent and was willi to do anythin her hands n Jayden.

Moreover, Silvia’s instinct had always been accurate. Even when Dr. Thames had not had a fall out with her, she had already thought that Dr. Thames was

coveting Jayden. And it turned out that she was right about it.

However, even if she trusted her instinct, she was not sure whether Stanley and Carson, who were not familiar with her, would believe it. Therefore, she thought about it again and only voiced out her doubts only now.

Moreover, Silvia chose to talk to Carson when Stanley was not around. Stanley had a good relationship with Dr. Thames, so Silvia was worried that Stanley would affect Carson’s opinion.

Carson frowned as he asked, “Mrs. Kyle, who do you think this person is? Who will do such a thing to Master Jayden?”

Silvia did not like Carson’s tone. It was as if he was questioning her. However,

for Jayden’s sake, she could endure everything. “I’m guessing that it’s Dr.


“Mrs. Kyle, Dr. Thames is an ethical doctor, and an authoritative figure in our field too. You really shouldn’t slander her this way. Although that was what Dr. York said, he immediately picked up his mobile phone and made a call. “Is the blood result out?”

Silvia couldn’t hear what the person on the other side of the phone was saying. She could only see that Carson looked crestfallen as the call went on. Then, he said, “Okay, let me know once the results are out.”

Silvia asked, ” What’s the matter, Dr. York?”

“My colleague has found some abnormalities in Master Jayden’s blood test. They are not 100% sure that it was caused by the wrong usage of medication, so they needed more time to do further tests. More importantly, it doesn’t prove that it has something to do with Dr. Thames. Although those doctors had already suspected that Jayden might have taken some medicine that he shouldn’t have taken, Dr. York emphasized that this matter did not necessarily have something to do with Dr. Thames..

When Silvia heard that she might actually be right about it, not only did she not feel at ease, she became even more worried. Silvia did not know what kind of poison that Dr. Thames, that vicious woman, had used on Jayden. What if….

Silvia did not dare to think further. She bit her lip, clenched her fists and said, “Dr. York, what does the preliminary result say?”

Carson replied, “They’ve found an unidentified poison in Master Jayden’s blood, but they’re not sure what it is as of now, so we will have to wait for a little longer. I will let you know as soon as I get the final result.

Carson spoke in a reserved manner as wanted to be careful before he had

gotten a definite result. What if the poisoning incident was really related to Dr. Thames? It would not matter if it were someone else…

However, if this matter had nothing to do with Dr. Thames but because he had said too much before getting the actual results, he would risk leaving a bad impression on the others. They might think that he was trying to overpower his predecessor.

All he wished was to practice medicine and save more people with the medical knowledge he had learned. He did not want to get involved in the disputes of the rich… There were even rumors saying that Dr. Thames was fired because Master Jayden’s wife was jealous of her.

Silvia and Jayden did not know about this matter but it was a hot topic among Jayden’s subordinates. This was why many of them, including Stanley, had a bad impression of Silvia. They thought that she was a willful, jealous, and narrow-minded woman. If anyone were to provoke her, they would definitely suffer a bad ending.

Need to say, Dr. Thames was the one who spread the news. She was trying to destroy Silvia’s reputation. Once her reputation was ruined, many people would hate her. Although Jayden would protect her, there would still be times when he could not be by her side to protect her.

What happened a while ago was the best example to prove that. Because of the rumors, Stanley and Carson’s attitude towards Silvia was rather hostile. Silvia had a lot of things to do but could not because they were being uncooperative.

“I’ll go back to Jayden then. Dr. York, please update me once you get the latest news.” Silvia noticed that Carson was very cautious about her, just like how Stanley was.

Since they were unwilling to be frank, Silvia would not linger on this topic too. Instead, she chose to wait for the final results. By then, she would not have to worry that they would be skeptical of her.

However, things might not necessarily turn out that way. Stanley and Dr. Thames were good friends. There was a possibility that Stanley and Carson would want to defend her even if it was found that she was the one who harmed Jayden.

If things really turned out that way, what should she do then?

Thinking of this, Silvia became even more anxious. No, she couldn’t just sit around and do nothing about it. She must think of a way to solve the issue. Hence, even if Stanley and Carson were to risk everything to protect Dr.

Thames, she would still be able to handle it.

Sitting on the edge of Jayden’s bed, Silvia held his hand and asked, “Jayden, who do you trust the most?”

Silvia usually would not spend any time and energy to get to know the people around Jayden. It was not only at this point in time, when she needed his most loyal subordinates, that she had discovered that her understanding of Jayden was simply too little.

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