My Husband Warm the Bed- 1276

Silvia racked her brains and finally thought of two people. One was Simon Banks, and the other was Wayne Zachary, Simon had disappeared for a long time, so Silvia would not be able to reach him. However, she could still look for Wayne.

Since Jayden had sent Wayne to help manage Wateria Corporation, he should be someone Jayden really trusted. If Jayden was in danger, Wayne would probably be on Jayden’s side.

Although it was not certain whether Wayne was loyal to Jayden, he was the only person who Silvia could think of, and the only person she could seek help from.

Hence, Silvia had decided to give Wayne a call.

It was only at this moment Silvia had thought of her mobile phone. She searched high and low but was not able to find it. In the end, she could only use Jayden’s phone to make the call.

A password was required to unlock Jayden’s phone. Silvia did not think much and instinctively keyed in a few numbers. After the phone was unlocked, she realized that this password was the exact password that she was using for her own mobile phone. She did not expect that this password could actually unlock Jayden’s phone.

Perhaps, Silvia would never find out that Jayden had decided to use this very password so that she could easily unlock his phone.

Silvia dialed Wayne’s phone number, and it was connected almost at that instant. A familiar male voice sounded through the phone and into Silvia’s ear. “Sir, is there anything can do for you?”

It was just a few simple words, but Silvia could already feel the amount of

respect Wayne had for Jayden. Even without meeting him in person, Silvia

could imagine how Wayne would look like when he answered the phone. How did a temperamental playboy like Jayden make his subordinates be so respectful towards him?

“Master Jayden… This was the first time ever that Jayden had kept his silence during a call. At that moment, Wayne was already wondering if he had done something wrong that upset his boss.

He was sure that he did not!

Nowadays, Wateria Corporation was constantly improving and the employees were united… Every aspect of the company was doing quite well, so he could

not possibly have upset Jayden.

Although he knew that he did not do anything wrong, Wayne was still a little flustered when there was no response from the other side of the phone. He asked, “Master Jayden, did I do something wrong and upset you?”

“No, Mr. Zachary, it’s me… Silvia did not intend to scare him, but as his employer, she had never heard him speak to her in such a respectful manner. She could not react to it immediately the moment she first heard it.

Wayne was speechless.

That was so embarrassing!

He was scared to the point that he was breaking out in a cold sweat because of a woman. At this time, his back was completely wet.

If Stanley Pierson and Eugene Elliot were to find out about this, they would probably laugh at him for the rest of their lives.

Silvia said again, “Mr. Zachary, can I ask you for a favor?”

Wayne calmed himself down and nodded. “Director Turner, please… Oh, I mean Mrs. Kyle, please tell me what you have in mind.”

He did not forget what had happened the previous time, when Jayden had

emphasized that Silvia was his wife.

Silvia was embarrassed by the title, so she cleared her throat to cover up her embarrassment and continued, “Mr. Zachary, Jayden is sick and his condition is quite serious this time. He’s still in a coma…”

Master Jayden went into a coma again?” The people who worked closely alongside Jayden, including Wayne, knew about his health condition.

“Yes, but the situation this time is a little different from the previous times.” Wayne knew that Jayden was suffering from an old illness, so Silvia did not have to spend much time explaining it to him. She went straight to the point, “The doctor gave him some medicine and his fever has subsided, but he is still in an unconscious state. The doctor couldn’t find the reason for it for the time being, so I’m suspecting that Dr. Thames had given him some other drugs.”

“Dr. Thames had given Master Jayden some other drugs?” Wayne dared not think about it. The Dr. Thames he knew was a highly educated and courteous woman. She was loyal to Jayden too, so it was unbelievable that she would do

such a thing…

“You don’t believe that she would do that?” Silvia was not surprised at all. Everyone that she had met that day had a very good impression of Dr. Thames. All of them did not believe that Dr. Thames would betray Jayden. Therefore, none of them believed Silvia.

“I really can’t believe it.” Wayne was just telling the truth. “But it’s hard to tell. We may know a person’s face but not his mind, so we can only prove that accusation with evidence. Once it’s proven that it was Dr. Thames, none of us will let her off.”

“Mr. Zachary, I’m relieved to hear that Silvia could finally let out a breath of relief. “Of course, my words alone are not enough to convict Dr. Thames of her crimes. I only hope that once it’s confirmed that Dr. Thames is the one responsible for harming Jayden, you’ll be on Jayden’s side and protect him. Don’t let him get hurt again.”

“Mrs. Kyle, you don’t have to worry about that.” Even without Silvia’s request, Wayne and the others would definitely protect Jayden. “Let me call Stanley and tell him about this matter. I’ll tell him to send more people to protect Master Jayden, just in case something happens.”

Silvia hurriedly stopped him. “Stanley is here, but I didn’t dare to tell him what I was suspecting. I can tell that he is close to Dr. Thames. I’m worried that he would harm Jayden in order to protect Dr. Thames, so that’s why I’ve asked you for help instead.”

“Mrs. Kyle, you’re really overthinking this time. I can guarantee that anyone in the world may betray Master Jayden, but not Stanley. Master Jayden was the one who saved Stanley’s life. If Dr. Thames had really harmed Master Jayden and Stanley finds out about it, he will definitely be the first person to deal with her Silvia did not know about the interpersonal relationship between Jayden’s subordinates. However, Wayne was clearly aware of the entire situation and he was confident that even if he were to betray Jayden in the future, Stanley wouldn’t.

“Can we really trust Stanley?” Silvia was skeptical about it.

“Mrs. Kyle, Stanley is an unsophisticated man. He might be a little reckless sometimes and he might not believe that Dr. Thames would hurt Master Jayden, but he will definitely use everything he had to protect Master Jayden. You can be at ease with him by your side. At this moment, Wayne suddenly thought of someone. “Mrs. Kyle, even if Stanley really happens to take Dr. Thames’s side, with Simon Banks around, no one will ever dare to lay a finger on

on Master Jayden.”

Silvia was extremely surprised. “Simon Banks? Didn’t he disappear a long time


“Among us all, Simon is the only person who has watched Jayden grow up. He has spent the longest time by Master Jayden’s side, so they are more like family to each other. I don’t think that he has disappeared, he just didn’t happen to show up in front of you. Not only was Wayne a capable employee, he knew about many other things too. However, he would never mention it or say anything that he shouldn’t have said.

Silvia kept quiet.

After talking to Wayne, Silvia realized that it was not that she knew too little about Jayden. In fact, she knew nothing about him.

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