My Husband Warm the Bed- 1277

Silvia did not know how many people Jayden had under him. She only knew Simon, Stanley, and Wayne. However, she did not know how close the three of them were with Jayden.

As Jayden’s wife, she knew nothing about the people around him. Silvia felt that

she was a failure, and she could not be deemed a qualified wife!

Just a while ago, she had learned from Wayne that Simon and Stanley were very loyal subordinates. However, Silvia still could not trust Stanley entirely. She was not being suspicious, instead, she was just being cautious. At such a critical moment, she had to consider all kinds of possibilities. There was a possibility that Stanley and the others had deceived Wayne.

Silvia could not figure out the interpersonal relationship between these people, nor could she figure out how loyal they were to Jayden. Once again, Silvia looked towards Jayden for help. Seeing that he was still in a coma, Silvia felt as if there was a needle pricking her heart.

She grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “Jayden, wake up soon, okay? You lying unconscious here really scares me. I’m afraid that we’ll be swallowed alive by those people around you.”

“Jayden, the people around you are quite capable, but I don’t know who should trust. I don’t know which one of them really wants you to wake up. Do you think that I’m stupid for not knowing? If I actually cared more about you in the past, and spent more time getting to know you and the people around you, then I wouldn’t be as flustered as I am now.”

If Jayden was the king of all beasts, then the people around him were ferocious beasts that would eat people alive. Silvia felt that she was too young and inexperienced. She was no match for them at all.

Silvia sighed and said, “Jayden, wake up quickly, okay? If you wake up now, I’ll do whatever you say.”


“Of course. After answering, Silvia realized that it was Jayden who was speaking just now. She took a closer look, but his eyes and lips were still shut. He had been in a coma for so long that his lips looked a little pale. He was listless, so he definitely was not the one who answered her just now.

“Ah… It turns out that I was just hallucinating. Silvia shook her head and let out

a wry smile. She turned around and took a piece of cotton swab that Dr. York had prepared and dampened it with water. Then, she put it on Jayden’s lips to moisten his lips.

“No, you’re not.”

Silvia once again heard Jayden’s deep and mellow voice. This time, she could also see him slowly opening his eyes. Silvia was so excited that she immediately threw the cotton away and hugged him. She said, “Jayden, you’re finally awake. Do you know how much you scared me?”

“I’m sorry!” He tried his best to lift his right hand and gently caressed her hair. He was well aware of everything that had happened during this period, but he just could not wake up. He could not help Silvia but only listen to her worrying about him.

“No, you don’t have to apologize to me. just don’t want this to happen ever again. Promise me, okay?” Silvia let go of him. “Wait here. I’ll ask Dr. York to come in to take a look at you.

“There’s no need.”


“I’m fine now. Get me a glass of water.”

“Are you really okay?” Silvia didn’t believe it, but she still hurriedly got him a glass of warm water. She tested the temperature before handing over the cup to him. “Drink it slowly, don’t choke yourself.”

“I’m not a three-year-old.” Seeing that she was treating him like a child, Jayden thought that it was somewhat funny and even wanted to laugh. However, because of his weak body, he could only put on a faint smile.

“You’re not a three-year-old, but you’re a patient, okay?” Silvia watched closely as Jayden drank the water, fearing that he would drop the glass.

After moistening his lips, Jayden handed the glass back to Silvia and asked,

“Does what you say just now still counts?”

“What did I say?” It was not that Silvia refused to admit it, but she was just too focused on Jayden that she could not recall the things that she had said at that instant. When she saw that he was reacting as if she was trying to play dumb, Silvia realized what Jayden was talking about. She immediately said, “No… As long as you don’t scare me like this again, I’ll listen to whatever you say.

“Okay… Jayden stroked her head with satisfaction. “Could you help me up?”

Silvia quickly sat him up.

Jayden added, “Could you please go out and ask Stanley to come in? I want him to come in alone.

“Why do you want him to come in alone? Can’t I come in with him?” Silvia was worried about Stanley. More importantly, she was worried about letting Stanley stay with Jayden alone. Stanley was such a tough guy, but Jayden on the other hand, was in such a feeble state. What if Stanley were to rebel and hurt Jayden?

Jayden said lightly, “Didn’t you just say that you will listen to everything I say?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to listen to you, but…” She promised to listen to him, but couldn’t she even ask for the reason he was doing this?

“Be good, just listen to me!” Jayden was using this move on Silvia again. This move was extremely effective on Silvia, who would never be cowed by force.

“Okay, I’ll go look for him now, if something… Forget it, it’s better for her to keep quiet. She just had to eavesdrop on their conversation at the door, and if anything were to happen in the room, she would be able to come to Jayden’s rescue immediately.

Stanley was so excited when he heard that his master had woken up. Without knocking on the door, he barged into the room, and he looked as if he was going to get into a fight with a group of people.

After rushing into the room and seeing that Jayden was sitting steadily on the bed, Stanley held back his excitement and said, “Master Jayden, you, you’re awake…

Jayden raised his head and shot a cold look at Stanley. “If I don’t wake up, I’m

afraid that everything is going to change.

Stanley didn’t understand the meaning behind Jayden’s words at all. He grinned and said, “It’s snowing heavily today. It’s said to be the largest snow in decades. But it doesn’t matter, Master Jayden. Now that you’ve woken up, everything will be fine.”

“Huh, Jayden sneered inwardly. He did not know if Stanley was really stupid or he was just playing dumb.

Jayden looked at Stanley and sized him up. His cold voice sounded, “I want you o get out of my face now. Go as far as you can and don’t show up in front of me ever again.

Stanley was so scared that he could feel a cold shiver down his spine. He said

fearfully, “What do you mean, Master Jayden? Why are you chasing me away for Since Stanley asked, Jayden would make things clear to him. He said, “I think

no reasons?”

you’ve never taken me seriously all this while. Since that is the case, I won’t

keep you by my side anymore. You can go back to where you came from.”

“Master Jayden, since when did I not take you seriously?” Stanley had always respected Jayden. However, now that he was being wronged like this, he was anxious yet frustrated. Then, he suddenly thought of the rumors he had heard recently and asked, “Master Jayden, did Silvia, that little girl, say something to you?”

Silvia, that little girl!

Who was Stanley to address Silvia that way? Jayden’s face darkened, and his eyes turned cold in an instant.

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