My Husband Warm the Bed- 1278

However, the insensitive Stanley had not noticed that Jayden’s expression had changed. Stanley continued to express his opinion, “Master Jayden, I’ve always respected you. I know that you must have listened to her and misunderstood me. She likes to snitch on people behind their backs, and we all know that. Please don’t believe what she has said to you, Sir.”

Stanley was so anxious that he did not notice that Jayden’s face had become even darker because of what he had just said about Silvia. Stanley continued, “Dr. Thames and I are both loyal to you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, so how could you say that I didn’t take you seriously? Whereas, Silvia, that little girl, not only did she hit Dr. Thames, she even drove her away when you were still in a coma.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” If Silvia wanted to hit someone, she could just do it. With Jayden s her backer, she could do whatever she wanted to. It was not up to Stanley to judge her actions.

“Master Jayden, no… but… Stanley felt that Silvia was wrong for beating Dr. Thames up, but as he thought about it, he realized that it was all the result of his master spoiling Silvia too much. “Fine, she can do whatever she wants. But, she’s your wife and we are your subordinates. We were just minding our own business and we’ve never tried to interfere with her matters, so why does she have to be so small-minded? We’ve never thought of going against her or


Jayden asked, “Did she hit you?”

“No.” Perhaps, he would have been beaten up if he was a powerless woman like Dr. Thames. The only reason she didn’t hit him was merely because he was a tough man. She knew that she would not be able to fight against him.

Jayden said, “Since she didn’t hit you, what are you complaining about then?”

“Sir, we have no opinion with you pampering her, but why does she have to be so petty with us? What good does it bring her to drive us away?” Stanley was sure that Silvia was snitching on him in front of Jayden. Seeing that Jayden was being so protective of her, Stanley was infuriated.

Stanley was such an insensitive person. He would never keep his feelings to himself, so he went ahead to express his true thoughts. ” Master Jayden, I know that you’re trying to defend her, but I still have to say that I’m absolutely loyal to

you. If you don’t believe me, I can even give you my life right now. I’ll not hesitate even a bit.”

Now that Stanley had worked for him for a few years now, Jayden more or less knew what kind of a person Stanley was. He knew that Stanley would never spread rumors. On top of that, through Stanley’s words, he happened to obtain a news that he was completely not aware of before this. “You said that she likes to snitch on others behind their backs. Where did you hear all this from?”

Stanley shouted, “Everyone knows that…

Jayden said, “Everyone knows? Did you check the source of this news? Did you check if it’s credible?

Stanley muttered, “I…”

Jayden interrupted him in a stern voice, “I knew that you didn’t look into it. Stanley, the reason why I’ve kept you by my side is to solve problems for me, and not create them. Since you can’t even differentiate the good from the bad and why should I still keep you here?”

“Master Jayden, I… Stanley was completely tensed up. He could give up his life for Jayden, but he absolutely could not accept being driven away.

Jayden said coldly, “Get lost now!”

“Master Jayden!” Stanley stood still. “I’ve already said that from the moment you brought me back, my life is yours. If you want to drive me away, you might as well kill me now.”

Jayden was never a soft-hearted person, so he said, “If you want to die, then you’d better die somewhere far away. Don’t dirty my place.

Stanley cried out in despair, “Sir…”

“Jayden, can say a few words?” Silvia had been eavesdropping outside the door and heard the entire conversation. When she heard that Stanley was badmouthing her in front of Jayden, her doubt in Stanley dissipated instead.

If Stanley and Dr. Thames wanted to harm Jayden, he would definitely pretend to be nice to her. He would not have provoked Jayden even if he knew that Jayden would protect her.

Stanley glared at Silvia angrily. He thought that this woman had put a spell on his master. If it weren’t because of her, his master would never drive him away like this.

“This is none of your business. Go back to your room.” Jayden had his own plan, but he knew that Silvia would not listen to him. She would still insist on voicing

her opinion.

“Jayden, I’ll be brief.” Silvia walked into the room. When she walked past Stanley, she could hear the cracking sound of Stanley’s clenching fists. If Jayden were not there, Stanley probably would have twisted her head off and kicked it around like a football.

Jayden said, “Shoot.”

Silvia said in a gentle tone, Jayden, I believe that Stanley must have heard from someone else that I’m someone who likes to snitch on others behind their backs. I know that he did not make that up himself. Also, he was hostile towards me because of this very reason and even dared to badmouth me in front of you merely proves that he is loyal to you. As the saying goes, honest advice grates upon the ears. If you chase him away just because he stood up against you, how are you going to make your subordinates trust you in the future?”

Stanley had never expected that Silvia would speak for him. He thought that she came in because she wanted to crush him.

Sometimes, Silvia would really do things out of their expectation.

Stanley stared at Silvia’s back. It was so intense that Silvia could feel two sharp eyes staring at her from behind. However, she was not worried because Jayden was there with her.

What she had to do now was to help Jayden keep a loyal subordinate, and not make him lose one. “I think Stanley must have some misunderstanding about me. I know that no matter what I say now, he will not believe it. Why don’t you let him look into it himself and find out who was the one behind all this? He will

know what to do once he finds the truth.”

Jayden said, “Do you think that I’ll give him such a chance?”

Stanley hastily stood up and said, “Master Jayden, please give me a chance to find out the truth. If I’m really wrong about it, then I’m willing to be at Mrs. Kyle’s service for the rest of my life.”

Jayden remained unmoved, “I’ve already made up my mind.”

“Master Jayden…” At this time, Stanley knew that he had to turn to Silvia for

help. He knew that Silvia was his only hope.

Silvia approached Jayden and said in a soft voice, Jayden, I believe that you wouldn’t want me to get called a snitch every now and then, don’t you? Since you don’t want that, but you can’t shut those people’s mouths, then the best way is to let someone who doesn’t believe me get to the bottom of it. It’s only

through this way that I’ll be vindicated.”

Stanley agreed with Silvia’s words and nodded vigorously. However, Jayden did not even take a glance at him.

Jayden looked at Silvia and said gently. “He spoke ill of you, and instead of blaming him, you actually defended him? Don’t you think you’re a little too silly?”

“That’s right, I’m just that silly Silvia smiled at him and then said to Stanley, “Stanley, you’ve already gotten Master Jayden approval. Why are you still standing here, you should go look into this matter now. I hope the truth will be revealed very soon.”

“But Master Jayden didn’t say anything about it… Stanley was a little slow witted. It was not until a few moments had passed that he had finally realized what Silvia meant. He said, “Oh… Thank you, Master Jayden. Thank you, Mrs. Kyle. I’ll go look into it right away.

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