My Husband Warm the Bed- 1279

“You’re going to look into it? Then tell me what you’re going to look into Jayden raised his head and once again looked at Stanley with his sharp eyes. Stanley was so scared that he shivered and even broke out in a cold sweat.

“Master Jayden, I’m going to… Umm… What was he trying to look into again? He knew what he was going to do a minute ago, but his mind had completely gone blank the moment Jayden spoke.

Under Jayden’s somber gaze, Stanley thought it through in fear. Right before his master had flared up, he finally remembered what he was supposed to do and said, “Master Jayden, I’m going to find out if those rumors are true. If they’re not, then I’ll have to find out where those rumors came from.”

“I’ll give you one day to find out.” Jayden’s voice was cold and hollow, but he allowed Stanley to go ahead with the investigation. After receiving Jayden’s order, Stanley immediately fled. He did not dare to stay in the room for a second longer.

Jayden always knew how loyal Stanley was to him. He had never thought of driving Stanley away in the first place. The reason why he had done that was to give Silvia a chance to plead on Stanley’s behalf.

To him, Stanley’s compliance to him was not enough. However, he knew that he could not just make Stanley obey Silvia through orders. If he wanted Stanley to obey Silvia, then Silvia would have to convince Stanley with her actions, so that Stanley would be loyal to Silvia out of willingness. Hence, he had to create an opportunity for Silvia to plead for Stanley, so that Stanley would be able to see Silvia’s true nature.

Jayden had many other plans but he did not have the time or energy to carry them out for the time being. At this point in time, he had to confirm whether he was drugged. If he was, then was it Dr. Thames who did it?

The moment Silvia saw that Stanley was fleeing in panic, she could not help let

out a sigh. “Young Master Kyle, Stanley is such a huge guy, and he even looked like he can swallow someone alive, but why does he act like a little sheep in front of you?”

Jayden held Silvia in his arms, and there was a faint smile in his eyes. It was as if he was not someone who had just lost his temper. He replied, “It’s because

I’m his master.”

“How did you tame these people?” Stanley, Simon, and Wayne were not someone that could be easily dealt with. However, all of them were so submissive towards Jayden. It seemed that Jayden was really something else.

Jayden chuckled and said, “You want to know how I tamed these guys?”

Silvia nodded.

He added, “First of all, you have to be smart.

Silvia glared at him. “I was smart but after being repeatedly told that I am stupid, I’m starting to believe that I’m stupid.”

Jayden said, “Are you not stupid though?”

Silvia said, “Forget it, I’m not going to argue with you anymore. But I have to tell you this. Stanley is a loyal employee, don’t drive him away just because he doesn’t like me, okay?”

Jayden said, “As long as he listens to you like he does to me and respects you

as much as he respects me, then I might consider letting him stay.”

“It turns out that you did all this not because he was speaking nonsense, but because he wasn’t obeying my orders.” Silvia was extremely touched, knowing that Jayden would always think for her. However, she began to feel worried. “You’re making things difficult for your employee because of me, and you’re even chasing him away for me. I’m worried that you’ll be criticized for jeopardizing your success all for a beauty!”

“Who’s the beauty?” Jayden remarked snidely. Silvia was so narcissistic. She did not even feel embarrassed praising herself like this!

“I am the beauty.” Silvia pointed at herself. “Am I not a beauty to you?”

“You can barely be considered as one.” Jayden smiled and said, “But you are smarter than you usually are today.”

“You’re praising me for being smart? Did hear it wrongly?” Silvia wanted to pinch her face to confirm if she was dreaming. This man, who would scold her all time, was actually praising her for being smart.

“Well, it’s considered smart for a dull-witted person like you.” Jayden saw it all with his own eyes. Silvia could actually tell that Stanley was loyal to him and she even knew to take the initiative to plead for Stanley.

“Humph, you still think that I’m not good enough.” Silvia really wanted to bite him.

Jayden raised his hand to rub her head and comforted her, “Alright, don’t make a fuss over it anymore. Go get Dr. York here, but you’re not allowed to

eavesdrop outside this time.”

“How did you know I was eavesdropping just now?”

“I just complimented you for being smart, why are you asking such a stupid

question again?”

Judging from what she had just said and done simply proved that she was overhearing their conversation. It was such a straightforward matter, but she still had to ask why. This woman’s brain is just…

At that instant, Jayden was really embarrassed to have her as his wife. How could she be this silly? What if their children were to inherit her intelligence? As Jayden saw it, it seemed like he would not be able to live peacefully for the rest

of his life.

Silvia, “I…”

Jayden put on a cold face and said, “Go get Dr. York here.”

Silvia kept quiet.

Jayden really had to do something about his temper, otherwise, his wife might leave him sooner or later.

“Master Jayden, the blood test is out.” Carson handed Jayden the report he had just received via fax and said, “We’ve found traces of BDT Virus in your blood. BDT Virus is a chronic poison, and it will only work when used for an extended period of time. As of now, there are two common ways to contract the virus. One is through long-term oral ingestion and the other is through long-term intravenous injection.”

Jayden took over the report and glimpsed at it. Knowing that there was some virus in his blood that he was not familiar with, he was not flustered at all. He asked, “Are you 100% sure?”

“Yes, Master Jayden.” Carson nodded and said, “But you don’t have to worry too much about it. The amount of virus in your blood is not a lot, and it would take quite some time for this kind of virus to take effect, so it won’t have too much of an impact on your body at the moment.

Jayden threw the report on the nightstand and raised his eyebrows as he looked at Carson. “It won’t cause too much of an impact on my body now but what about the future?”

It’s not that he was afraid. Instead, he must not let anything bad happen to him. He wasn’t alone any more. He has a wife and a family who cared about him.

Carson hurriedly explained, “Master Jayden, BDT Virus is not a dangerous virus, so it normally doesn’t attack the body. It’s only harmful when the person who has this virus is suffering from another disease. For example, if an ordinary person happens to contract this virus, it usually won’t cause much harm to the human body, but as long as the person falls sick or gets injured, this virus will spread quickly, which will worsen the patient’s condition. Hence, the reason why you were still in a coma even after your fever has subsided was due to this virus.”

Jayden listened attentively while Carson continued, “If I didn’t get someone to check your blood this time, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find out that there was such a virus in your body. Under normal circumstances, patients with the virus will not suffer from any symptoms. So if the symptoms start to show, then it means that the patient is heavily intoxicated. When it comes to this point, even the patient’s mental health will get affected. They might suffer from memory loss or weakened willpower. Hence, they will be susceptible to manipulation.”

Jayden repeated, “Susceptible to manipulation.”

Carson said again, “Master Jayden, the key to this problem is still your old illness. As long as we get it cured, the virus will be eradicated.

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