My Husband Warm the Bed- 1280

Jayden finally understood what Carson was saying. His old illness was still the main issue to the entire problem. As long as it was cured, the virus would not be able to do anything to his body.

However, the thing that was bothering him the most at this time was his old illness that his gunshot wounds had caused. When the weather changed, no matter how careful he was, he would still get a fever and there would be no symptoms at all. He really had no idea how he could deal with it at the moment.

Jayden asked, “Can we inject the vaccine first?”

Carson answered respectfully, “Master Jayden, according to my current knowledge of the virus, it is indeed curable with a vaccine, but the bad news is we can only do that after your old Illness is completely cured. However, I will look for a virologist to do some research on it. I’m sure that we will be able to find an effective way to cure this virus very soon.”

“Okay. You can get back to work now.” Jayden waved his hand, indicating Carson to leave. Just as Carson had taken a few steps, Jayden thought of something. He added, “Don’t tell Silvia about it.”

Carson nodded. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

After Carson had left, the room instantly fell silent. However, Jayden’s heart was not at ease. Carson said that the most common means of infection was either through oral ingestion or intravenous injection.

For the past three years, Auntie Cherry was the one in charge of his diet. There might be a possibility that Auntie Cherry had done something to his meals behind his back. Besides that, Dr. Thames was his private doctor. She had prescribed different kinds of medication for him, which might include the virus itself.

These two might be the person who had been secretly poisoning him with the virus. Hence, before confirming who it was, he must not trust anyone. He must immediately ask Stanley Pierson to find out who the mastermind was.

Jayden took out his mobile phone and called Stanley. “Find Dr. Thames and keep her under your watch. And I want you to find out everything that she has done in the past three years.”

Stanley said, “Master Jayden, was just about to give you a call. I’ve just found

out that it was Dr. Thames who hired those people to spread those rumors about Mrs. Kyle. Stanley was excited to receive Jayden’s call. Since his master had given him a

new task, it would mean that Jayden still trusted him.

Dr. Thames was the one who spread the rumors, and she was a doctor, who had a thorough understanding of drugs… Just based on these points, Jayden was almost certain that the person who poisoned him was Dr. Thames.

Jayden added, “Since it’s her, then I want you to do a thorough check on her and see what she has done behind our backs over the years.”

“Got it, Master Jayden!” Stanley answered in a sonorous voice. However, he

started stammering, “Master Jayden… I’ve really misunderstood Mrs. Kyle. I

want to apologize to her!”

Jayden said lightly, ” apologize to?” Why are you telling me if she’s the one you want to

“After I’m done with Dr. Thames’ matter, I’ll go apologize to Mrs. Kyle in person.” Thinking of his recklessness and the things he had done, Stanley felt immensely ashamed.

He could not even tell the good from the bad. How could he have the audacity to continue to work for Jayden?

Fortunately, Silvia was a big-hearted person. Not only did she not blame him, she even pleaded for him. Stanley had borne the kindness that Silvia had given him deeply in his heart. He had decided that from now on, he would do whatever Silvia wanted him to do, even if it meant that he would have to risk his life.

After reporting the test result that he had gotten to Jayden, Carson came out of

the room and bumped into Silvia, who was eavesdropping at the door again. He thought of his master’s words, and wanted to walk past Silvia. However, Silvia stopped him and refused to let him pass through.

Silvia stared at him and said, “Dr. York, is it really fine to let the virus stay in his



He didn’t say anything, but Silvia had already found out about it. Hence, he was not to be blamed.

Silvia said again, “Dr. York, I heard everything, so you don’t have to hide it from

me. I promise that I will never tell Jayden.

Now that Silvia knew it, Carson could no longer hide it even if he wanted to. He might as well be frank with her. He said, “you don’t have to worry, Mrs. Kyle. The virus was discovered early, and it hasn’t affected his willpower yet. I’m going to look for the experts to find the vaccine. As long as Master Jayden cooperates with the treatment, he will be fine.

The virus sounded extremely terrifying. It was not some other virus that could be cured easily. Hence, Silvia was still worried. “Will everything really be fine? Will he go into a coma again like what happened today?”

Carson said, “The main issue we have at hand is his old illness. His old illness had not improved so whenever there’s a change in the weather, it will relapse and the virus will start to act up. This is the reason why he had gone into a coma for so long this time. Therefore, as long as his old illness is cured, the virus wouldn’t have any severe impact on his body.”

After hearing Carson’s words, Silvia roughly understood Jayden’s condition. After all, his old illness was the trickiest part of the treatment. Dr. Thames had been drugging him all this while, of course his old illness couldn’t get cured easily.

Now, all Jayden had to do was to cooperate with the doctor and undergo the treatment. Then, he would be able to cure his old illness in no time. Silvia thought optimistically.

She asked again, “Dr. York, since he just woke up, does he need to take any


Carson said, “I’ve already prescribed a new course for Master Jayden. He will have to take them three times a day, half an hour after his meal.

“Alright, I’ll go prepare him some food then. I’ll let him take the medicine after his meal.” Jayden had not eaten anything ever since he had woken up. Silvia guessed that Jayden must have felt hungry, so she had already asked the cook to prepare some food for him and he would be able to eat it once he woke up.

Auntie Cherry had been waiting aside. The moment she heard Silvia talking about Jayden’s meal, she immediately brought them over and said, “Miss Turner, these are all Master Jayden’s favorite dishes.”

“Okay. Thanks, Auntie Cherry!” Silvia took over the tray. “I will bring them over to him. He just woke up, he doesn’t meet anyone in the meantime.

“Miss Turner… Auntie Cherry wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

“Auntie Cherry, if you have something to say, just say it.” Silvia stopped in her


“Miss Turner, is Master Jayden really okay?” Auntie Cherry had no children. Ever since she started working for Jayden, she had been treating Jayden as her own

son. She hoped that he would be fine and nothing bad would happen to him.

“Auntie Cherry, he has all of us to take care of him, and his parents and siblings are still waiting for him to get well, so I’m absolutely sure that he will be fine.” Silvia smiled. “So Auntie Cherry, you don’t have to worry about him.”

Auntie Cherry nodded. “Okay.

Silvia returned to Jayden’s room and noticed that Jayden had fallen asleep again. Seeing that his eyes were shut, Silvia thought that he had gone into a coma again. She was so terrified that she almost dropped the tray she was holding.

Silvia hurriedly put the tray on the table next to her and quickly went forward to touch Jayden’s forehead. “Jayden, are you alright? Don’t scare me.”

“Don’t worry. Your man has a blessed life. Nothing will happen to him.” Jayden slowly opened his eyes. He did not pass out, he was just feeling a little lethargic, so he was closing his eyes to take a rest.

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