My Husband Warm the Bed- 1281

As a matter of fact, Jayden indeed had a blessed life.

He had gone through a severe car accident which took away his parent’s lives and even the car was badly damaged. However, Jayden survived because of his parents’ protection.

Then, his relatives took away the money that his parents had left behind for him but they were not willing to raise him. When he was in such desperate situation, the Kyle family adopted him and gave him the best of everything.

Many years later, in order to save Karen Joy, he suffered a gunshot near to his heart, and at that moment, he was on the brink of death. However, Jayden closely escaped the jaws of death.

Subsequently, the gunshot wound had caused a great impact on his body, so he hired a doctor to treat him. However, the doctor actually poisoned him. How dare Dr. Thames think that she would be able to control and manipulate him through such a method?


As Silvia thought of it, she felt that it was somewhat funny.

Even the Grim Reaper could not take him away, let alone Dr. Thames. Jayden had always had his life in his own hands. No one had the right to decide for him.

“Jayden, you… Silvia suddenly burst into tears. She was crying sorrowfully. Her crystal clear tears were rolling down from the corner of her eyes and landed on the back of Jayden’s hand, scalding his heart.

“What’s wrong?” She was fine a while ago, but why did she start crying out of a sudden? She was such a temperamental woman.

“I’m fine” Silvia shook her head and wiped off her tears. She wanted to stop crying, but her slender body would still twitch from time to time due to the immense sorrow that she was feeling.

“Silly woman, what’s the matter with you?” Her body was twitching from all the

crying but she was still saying that she was fine. Did she think that he was as stupid as her, or that he was blind? “I… I thought you… Just moments ago, Silvia thought that he would never wake up again, and her heart seemed to have stopped beating at that split second.

She had lost too many of her close ones in her life. She did not want to lose any one of them anymore. She wanted him to live well and accompany her through

every sunrise and sunset.

“Silly woman, I’m fine now, and I’ll be fine in the future too.” Knowing the reason Silvia cried, Jayden smiled helplessly. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest, “Feel it, it’s still beating. I’m still fine”

“I know… but… Silvia must not think about it anymore, otherwise, she was going to start crying again. She said, “Jayden, even if it’s not for yourself, you should think of your family. Think about Julien and Levi. They want you to get well, so you have to cooperate with the doctor, okay?”

Jayden looked at her and understood the helplessness and uneasiness in her eyes. “Silly woman, the people who really wanted me to fully recover are not Julien and Levi but…”

“I know, your parents too.” Silvia really hoped that the person Jayden was

referring to was herself, but she was afraid that he might not think so, so she

interrupted him.

However, Jayden was determined to let her know. “The person who truthfully wants me to recover is you, Silvia Turner!”

Silvia was surprised and delighted. Jayden’s words had astounded her to the point that she was unable to give any other reactions other than widening her eyes.

Jayden added, “In the past, I never took care of myself because I thought that it would be better to die than to continue living. But things are different now. I want to have children and grow old together with you.”

Silvia could not say a word.

Was he telling the truth?

Why did she feel like she was dreaming? Everything seemed to feel so surreal.

Looking at the silly look on her face, Jayden couldn’t help but feel amused. “Silly girl, you really don’t know how important you are to me. You’re so important to me that I just want to keep you to myself so that no one else can see you!

“I… Was she really that important to him?

Silvia, who had always been bold, had become so timid that she did not even dare to ask this question. She was afraid that she had heard it wrongly, or that Jayden had said it wrongly.

After all, they had just gotten together, and he was the high and mighty Young Master Kyle. Whereas for her, she was just an ordinary girl and she was not even the most beautiful around him. How could he already be so sure that she would be the one for him?

It was the first time that such a question had popped up in Silvia’s mind. However, she did not say it out loud. Not every question in this world should be asked, and not every question had its answers.

“There won’t be anyone else other than you. When Silvia was too afraid to think about the answer, Jayden answered her with his deep and mellow voice. It was an answer which made her lose all her senses.

“Wh-w-w-why… Just as Silvia was still in a daze, Jayden slowly approached her and kissed her red lips, stealing her breath away and bringing her into a romantic world.

She belonged to him, and she would not be able to escape from him ever.

“Alina, have you sent Karen Joy’s photos to Silvia?” Since Dr. Thames had found a clue of Silvia being just a substitute to Karen Joy, she would not stay idle just because Felix had forbidden them from spreading the news.

“I might procrastinate in other things, but I’m more anxious than you in this matter, so you can rest assured. Not only did I send it to her through Whatsapp, I’ve even sent it to her via email. And oh, I didn’t forget her two best friends too. So, there are no excuses for her to not receive it.” Without looking up, Alina Bell painted her nails as she answered Dr. Thames, who had just barged into her room.

“It seems that I’ve made the right decision to let you handle this matter.” Dr. Thames did not know anything about Alina, but she knew that Alina liked Felix and that was why she asked Alina to handle it.

At the beginning, Alina refused. However, Dr. Thames managed to convince her

and the matter was even settled within such a short time. It was indeed true

that a woman’s jealousy was not something to be taken lightly.

“You’re right. As long as Silvia is still here, Felix will never notice me no matter how hard I try. It is only when Silvia has disappeared from this world that Felix will be able to see me.” Alina put down her nail polish and waved her hand to dry her nails. “I dress up so beautifully every day, but he just wouldn’t notice me. What’s the point of me doing all these then?”

Dr. Thames said, “As long as you work hard, he will be able to notice it in the


“In the future? How long will it take?” Alina sneered and said, “Life is short. If we wait any longer, I will be old by then. And at that time, my youth will all be gone and that is really when he will never notice me ever again.”

As long as we join hands, we won’t have to wait too long for wishes to be fulfilled.” Both of them had a crush on a man, but those men were completely in love with Silvia.

Dr. Thames hated Silvia to the core, but Felix still wanted to protect her, which made Dr. Thames extremely displeased. However, considering that they were allies, she chose to put up with it.

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