My Husband Warm the Bed- 1282

Now, Alina had come into the picture and she was caught in the same situation as her. Both of them wanted Silvia to disappear from this world forever. As for how they would make her disappear, Dr. Thames had thought of every possible way to do that, which included killing her, hurting her, or even crippling her.

“Do you think that we can really get rid of her?” Alina wanted to get rid of Silvia, but she had doubts in herself. The backer that Silvia had behind her was not someone they could afford to provoke.

“Once she finds out about the truth, she will definitely leave Jayden. Then, she’ll just be a weak and helpless little girl. At that time, she will be like a piece of meat on our chopping board and she can only be at the mercy of you and me.” Dr. Thames laughed. “Silvia, that b*tch, had always been arrogant and self centered. She thinks that Young Master Kyle only likes her. What do you think she will do if she were to find out that she is just a substitute?”

Alina imagined Silvia being in an abject state, and instead of feeling uneasy, she got excited. “I don’t know what will happen to her, but I think it would definitely be a big blow to her.”

Dr. Thames sighed, “I really want to see how she looks after knowing the truth Alina replied, “That’s easy, we can do that together.”


Dr. Thames’ phone suddenly rang, which startled both Dr. Thames and Alina. When Dr. Thames saw the phone number displayed on the screen, she calmed down and said, “It’s one of my informants.”

Dr. Thames answered the call. Alina did not know what the other side of the phone had said but she did notice that Dr. Thames’ face had darkened.

“I’ve been exposed!” After hanging up the phone, Dr. Thames said in a panic. “What?” Alina was confused.

Dr. Thames was so angry that she punched the wall and said, “Stanley Pierson is investigating me. That idiot who never uses his brain actually suspected me. But how? What did I do to make him suspect me?”

Alina said, “Could it be Silvia who asked him to?”

“I knew that Silvia was suspecting me a long time ago, but she couldn’t find any evidence to prove it. Besides, Stanley had a prejudice against her, so he would

not believe her. Dr. Thames turned around. At that instant, an idea rushed into her mind. She had figured it all out. She said, “Oh no, it must be Jayden, he must have woken up. It must be.”

Upon hearing that Jayden had woken up, Alina was shocked. She said in a trembling voice, “Didn’t you say that Jayden will not be waking up in the next two weeks? Why is he awake already?”

“He’s an extraordinary man, so it is not surprising at all that he’s already woken up. However, this is still out of my expectation. Dr. Thames rushed out of Alina’s room and then barged into Felix’s room. “Felix, you must contact Silvia immediately. You must let her know that you’re still alive. You must ask her to meet up with you right now. Otherwise, we will all be dead.”

Dr. Thames knew Jayden’s character very well. Anyone who offended him would only end up dead. She had witnessed the fates of those people who had offended him.

She didn’t want to follow those people’s footsteps, so she could only find a way to change Jayden’s mind. The only person who could do that was Silvia. Dr. Thames had a grudge against Silvia and had always wanted her dead. Silvia,

on the other hand, would not want to see her too. However, things would be

different with Felix. Felix still had a special place in Silvia’s heart.

Silvia was still missing Felix. As long as Felix could show up in front of her and tell everything that had happened to him, Silvia would definitely have a fall out with Jayden. At that time, Jayden would be completely focused on Silvia and he would not have time to deal with Dr. Thames. Then, she would be able to take time by the forelock and finish off her plan.

Dr. Thames’ plan was perfect. All she needed now was Felix to cooperate with her. However, Felix was standing before the window, looking at the snow, as if he could not hear her.

“Say something, Felix. If it weren’t because she needed his help, Dr. Thames probably would have rushed up to this pretentious man and given him two tight slaps in the face.

How could the loser, Felix, still pretend to be calm at times like this? Did he really think that he was like Jayden, who did not have to be afraid of anything?

Dr. Thames was already panicking, but Felix was still looking at the snow at the

window. He was completely ignoring her.

Seeing that he was not answering, Dr. Thames rushed up to Felix and grabbed

him by the collar. She said, “Felix Xavier, are you f*cking deaf?”

Out of a sudden, Felix broke into laughter. As he laughed, he looked at the arrogant and panic-stricken woman who was much shorter than him. “Did you send Karen Joy’s photos to Silvia?

Dr. Thames was frightened by the look in Felix’s eyes. However, she didn’t want

to admit defeat. She shouted, “Yes, I did.”


As soon as Dr. Thames answered, a sharp dagger was pierced into her abdomen. She widened her eyes and looked at Felix in disbelief. “You…

Felix pulled out a dagger and once again stabbed it into Dr. Thames abdomen. At that moment, Dr. Thames could only feel that her head was spinning, “You… How dare you… Felix Xavier…

Blood rushed down from the corner of Dr. Thames’ lips. However, she refused to give up and tried to speak. “Don’t you forget that who was the one who saved

you when you were about to die!”

“It’s you! I’ve never forgotten that.” Felix laughed coldly. He pulled out the dagger and stabbed it into Dr. Thames’ abdomen again. Bright red blood started to stain Dr. Thames’ clothes, and eventually, she could no longer utter a sound. She stared at Felix with her eyes wide open, looking as if they were about to

pop out.

“I’ve already told you not to hurt Silvia. Which part of that did you not understand?” Felix gave a light push, and Dr. Thames immediately collapsed onto the cold floor while blood slowly drained from her body…

Alina, who had witnessed everything, was so terrified that she was shaking all


She had always known Felix as a bright and cheerful boy. Even after he had experienced such a great change in his life and was almost killed, he would still give off the feeling of a rising sun. He was so warm that no one could resist getting close to him.

However, he had just killed someone… The man who was stabbing Dr. Thames

repeatedly was a demon in disguise. He looked nothing like the Felix she knew.

He was not Felix!

He was not!

He was just a demon.

He looked back and the look in his eyes was like a sharp knife. Looking into his eyes, Alina retreated but her legs immediately went weak. She dropped to the

ground and muttered. “Fe… Felix…

“Silvia is not someone you can hurt, Felix said. He sounded calm like he used to be, but Alina no longer thought that this voice was pleasing to the ears. This very voice would only send chills down her spine.

“I-I won’t, I won’t that anymore… Now that she had seen Dr. Thames dying in front of her, Alina would never dare to plot against Silvia again even if she had nine lives.

“Make sure you keep that in mind!” Felix shouted.

“I. I’ll keep it in mind!” Alina nodded repeatedly.

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